Uniform by the Ukrainian Army….

Hat tip by Instapundit (to Strategypage)….

… and photography by Gonzo.

You know, I’m going to stop laughing at the high heels on the robots in Godannar.

“Screw the Geneva Conventions. He tilts that camera up, and he’s a dead man.”

Is it just me, or is the guy in the blue vest looking entirely too smug? “You have learned well, young padawan!”

“Where’s Yukari? I need some loli pics!” says the 1st photog.
“Dummy, she failed the minimum height requirement!” says the second.

“Thank God our unit got a waiver on the ‘straight hat rule’ for this parade.”

“You’ll never really understand a woman’s experience until you’ve marched a mile in her stiletto heels.”

“An army of ‘hon’.”

“They told me I’d be assigned to a unit that gets a lot of ‘R&R’ time. They didn’t tell me we’d BE the R&R!”

“I ever find the recruiter that talked me into this, he is so getting a NICE BOAT ending.”

“Who let the Japanese design our uniforms, dammit?”

I knew I should have signed up for the Baka Rangers instead!

Announcer: “And lets give a big hand to Company A of the 1687th Bridge Bunny Battalion. The Zentradi don’t stand a chance with these ladies directing the battle!”

It hurts. I have to stop, but please, feel free to put yours in the comments, if you’re so inclined…

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