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Well, after some fighting and a lot of people having trouble (well, two), some experimentation shows that the only person who can make spoiler tags with angle brackets work in comments is me. Guests can make them work only with square brackets. Why? I have no idea. Last night I replaced an xml registration file that had a security flaw, but it shouldn’t have had anything to do with comments. Maybe it retroactively altered the permissions everyone else has. Please feel free to try other formatting tags with angle brackets, and see what you can and cannot do. It may be that the more than just the plug-in that governs the [spoiler] tag was modified.

And now since this is a random post, I shall get on with being random.

I don’t have anything profound to say about the death of an industry, but it’s nice that it works for me, a bit. The local Hollywood Video is closing it’s doors, and I found out way too late to snag anything more than the dregs of animé. I passed on Reign and Initial D , but picked up Slayer’s Next (Movie), Cowboy Bebop (The Movie), Spriggan, Steamboy, and Ghost in the Shell: Innocence for just over $40 total, counting tax. Of those, Steamboy is an obligation buy, and Spriggan is a “why the hell did I get that?” buy. Slayers is a “enh, why not?” buy. More stuff to toss on the unwatched pile with Pumpkin Scissors, Haibaine Renmei, and the rest of Ikkitousen. Poor Haibaine, what bad company. Speaking of Pumpkin Scissors for a second, I dusted off an old half-finished article from when it was out on fansub and finished it up. Not particularly detailed; I wasn’t that crazy about it. It will appear in a couple of days.

Poking around on the internet last night, I discovered that Fate/Stay Night had an eroge as it’s origin. I almost would not have guessed that; I had a bit of a suspicion because of the harem elements. I figured dating sim though, not full blown hentai. it does explain that weird fanservice scene in the abandoned house. (Yes, the world really does need more Saber x Rin fanservice.) Apparently, there were only three major paths, and it seemed to be more a matter of who you chose to play as than the choices made (although one was the evil Shirou route.) They chose to follow the Saber route, with a nod to Rin’s, which is why she and Archer got featured so significantly. I hated seeing Archer bite it; he was the coolest of the Servants by far. I’m not going to get into details, but I felt it ended the right way, and eventually, Rin and Shirou will get together, after he gets over Saber. I hope, anyway. Not that Sakura is going to just hand him over meekly. She had a bit more spine than I suspected. More than Kazumi had in the last episode of Shana.

And now that I’ve mentioned The Show That Deserves No Mention, I might as well talk about it, I guess. After 14 episodes of pure dreck (or twelve, depending on your criteria) Shana finally got its ass in gear and started throwing down some serious action. Unfortunately, it not only happened too late, it happened too fast. The action in episode 15 managed to drag worse than a one-wheeled chariot, interspersed with segments where so many things happened so fast, I was left hanging worse than a one-wheeled chariot going airborne after hitting a pothole. Don’t ask me what chariots are doing running around on one wheel and hitting potholes, that’s how confused I was. Even after watching the episode three times, I needed the following episode just to explain what the hell I’d just watched. Upside: Yuiji’s finally gotten serious about training, and plans to leave town with Shana; finally not stringing Kazumi along any further. Downside: Shana’s mad at him for it. Argh. Just shoot me. There’s no way there’s any common sense left in this show. No way. None. (h/t to Jason for the meme.)

Then there’s KimiAru, a.k.a. They Are My Noble Masters. Last episode (6) we got what TV had to substitute for the sex-with-the-lolis scene from the game: Ren gets a kiss on the cheek from both Yume and Natose. Yay. This week (ep.7), what looks to be a lightweight episode involving Rie Tanaka’s character (Ageha) temporarily moving in with the Kuonji family suddenly turns emo in the end. Mihato has shown increasing jealousy as the various women vie for Ren’s attention, but when Ageha makes a serious move on him (stealing his first kiss — and it’s hers too!), Hato is shattered. Ageha may not be playing any more, unless it’s for keeps. Surprise, surprise, Miyu moves in to pick up the pieces with Hato. Is KimiAru trying to develop a plot? And one as echhi as the game, considering that Hato-nee is Ren’s older sister?

I’m a Shinra-sama partisan myself.

Sorry about the lack of screenshots in this post, but I have to run; at least one other post needs to be written tonight, this one political..

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