Rosario (et. al.) Cheesecake

No special meaning or observations here. Just some more shots from the new ED, just because I was bored, but not willing to start anything heavy, such as loading up Haibaine, just yet. (Spending a lot of time and effort on a sick family member right now.) And then I decided, what the hell, no reason to be picky.

Somewhat to very NSFW below the fold.

Yeah. I wouldn’t object to waking up to that in the morning.

Ah, the first-person view of such a scenario. Looks even better from this angle. Gotta wonder how/why those sheets are so form-fitting.

I really don’t have a snarky comment here. Well, yes, I do. Pity the episodes don’t look as good.

Pull my finger. No, really.

Dissolving clothing? It’s been done.

Succubi and vampiresses… Definitely a trend towards “monster girls” lately.

But don’t forget the wolf-goddesses of the harvest and economy. Hm. Another moon fixation.

Or was that “moons?” Nice…. tail.

A goddess with proper priorities is always a plus, but the lack of nipples is just freaky. I know it’s the broadcast standards, but it’s just wrong.

Fortunately, mortal women aren’t slacking, either, even if they have to cover ’em up.

They’re not sagging either. Wait, isn’t she the youngest sister?

There are some things man was not meant to know. And then there are some he’d die for. These could be two of the latter.

Or these.

Then there’s the ones a man would do anything for–even fates worse than death. Like becoming a much-abused butler.

Now this is what nipples are supposed to look like:
(From the game, not the animé. Unfortunately…)

No, there wasn’t any point to this post. Just pictures of pretty animé girls. Always a good time for those…

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5 Responses to Rosario (et. al.) Cheesecake

  1. Wonderduck says:

    Why do people insist that Horo the Wise has to have nipples? She’s not human, she (it’s) a friggin’ goddess… who says that the gods have to have nipples, or toenails, or nose hair, or earwax?

    Still, it’d be nice.

  2. If she was a real wolf, she’d have a lot more than two. Ten or twelve, actually.

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    She can, and does, take full wolf form. It would take some seriously ecchi animators & otaku to be concerned with drawing nipples in that case.

    Edit: and I really don’t need for my goddesses to have earwax. Which spawns an entirely ecchi line of thought: Does Belldandy have mundane issues like earwax and “that time of month?”

  4. Owen S says:

    I’m of the opinion that her wolf form’s the one in the OP, although I could be mistaken. But it’s most likely.

    It’s been noticed that her human form takes all the trappings of mortality, though, including hunger, discomfort et al. This, of course, conveniently leads into room for the much awaited (if any?) romance between Horo and Lawrence later…

    Nice to see you finally got around to checking KimiAru’s source, Ubu. (;

  5. Ubu Roi says:

    Not enough hentai Benisu.

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