Thanks, but No Thanks

So, I see ADV is making a big deal out of selling a huge library of animé at $1.99 per download. Quality is equal or better than DVD (and ought to be, seeing as the files are 500mb each).

Yes, it uses DRM, and will only play in Windows Media Player 10 or 11. You’re allowed a maximum of three “registrations” (i.e.: systems) it will play on, which may have to be selected at the time you download the episode, from what I can tell. What identifies a “registration” is not clear. So I don’t know if buying a new CPU will kill my ability to watch the downloads, or a new NIC, or a new video card, or a new motherboard, or whatever. (Or reloading the O/S).

Excuse me for being unexcited, but I don’t have to buy new DVD’s every time I replace my TV or DVD player.

Let’s see….for a typical DVD it’s $22.00 to buy, or $8.00 to download and rent (because I obviously don’t own) four episodes. With the first option, I can watch on my computer or TV, or I can take it to DrHeinous’ place and we can watch it between gaming sessions.

With the second I can watch it only on the computers I own at the time I purchased it and have never upgraded. Tell ya what ADV: split the difference. Make it $15.00 ($3.75 per episode), no DRM. Then I’ll bite.

Much ado about nothing. Wake me when DRM is dead.

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4 Responses to Thanks, but No Thanks

  1. Andrew F. says:

    Not to mention that they’re dub-only and $2 only buys you 320×240… the DVD-quality “premium” versions are $4 a pop. I can get an ADV DVD (with, y’know, multiple audio tracks, soft subtitles, and maybe even some extras) for $16 and change during a sale at Right Stuf or Deep Discount DVD. I’m not seeing the value here, guys.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    You know, I was wondering if they charged more for the premium version, but I wasn’t curious enough to find out. 320 x 240? Dub only? Gitouddahere. This isn’t an offer, it’s an insult and ripoff. You want to make money at that, ADV? Create gift packages and market them to unsuspecting grandparents of young otaku.

  3. baseball68 says:

    Dub only? I’m not a purist when it comes to subs, but I do prefer them generally–I’d certainly like the option, though.

  4. AvatarADV says:

    Surprising that they’re going heavy on the DRM – actual ADV DVDs aren’t even encrypted (least, they weren’t when I left, and I don’t think they changed that since.)

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