Massive Fun With Acronyms (MFWA)

Sometimes, surfing the web, you can come across the craziest things….

I was browsing through SAP products the other day (I work for them, as you may recall) when I stumbled across two of the funniest SAPanese acronyms ever. First, I found the SAP Business One Turbo Command Hub, B1TCH for short. I guess the alternative was BOTCH, but that doesn’t make the conscious decision to sell a product known as B1tch any less hilarious to me.

The other acronym I found was the Object Management Group, or OMG. While that alone isn’t much, what I find great is the use of their acronym in other things. For example, on the top navigation of, you can see “OMG Programs”. Below that, you can find “Search OMG Documents” and “Adrian Bowles PhD, Program Director, Regulatory Compliance, OMG.”

Now as it happens, I think that anyone who buys SAP is one, but it’s nice to see that their bad selection of acronyms doesn’t end there. Somehow, I can just see some admin yelling at his hardware, “Who’s my B1TCH!! Who’s my B1TCH!! Say it!”

I can only hope that one day, the Object Management Group gets a Widget Transfer Feature with Broad Band Quality.

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4 Responses to Massive Fun With Acronyms (MFWA)

  1. AvatarADV says:

    Try working for MOFC DVD authoring. ;p

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    I admit, I snicker every time I see their logo.

  3. I’m sure the Object Management Group will get all of those things, right after it gets Bidirectional Regulated Bandwidth.

  4. baseball68 says:

    Worst acronym ever for me:

    CAOCL (pronounced Kay-ah-kuhl)

    It’s a U.S. Marine Corps outfit and stands for:

    center for advanced operational culture learning

    For such a hideous acronym, they actually do very good work, which makes the bizarre term even more comical.

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