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Robert kicks ass. Have I ever mentioned that? The massive order* that I put in back in May and wasn’t expecting it to ship until July 3rd (supposed release date of MoHS DVD 2) has just been sent today. Should be here for my weekend viewing pleasure. Poor Dr.Heinous, I can’t get up to his place for a while. Although, actually, only one of these is new to me or him.

Nao Nagasawa — XOXOXO (Kiss Kiss Kiss) Divergence EVE Theme
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Vol #2 DVD Limited Edition
Vandread Stage 1 & 2 Complete Collection DVD Bundle Pack (Contains All 8 DVD’s!)
Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens) Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Thin-Pak)

I hope the DE theme includes the Misaki Chronicles ED. That is a beautiful piece of music, which panders to my weak point: certain instruments (in this case a piano) doing wistful music in a minor key. Melancholy was a given. Vandread is to replace the execrable bootleg I bought by mistake last year, and Ikki Tousen is to fulfill my craving for brainless animé with lots of fanservice. Of course, I’ve already filled that taste for a while with He Is My Master (C- – in the new system, I think), so it will sit on the shelf for a while until I get around to it.

Oh, and I rewrote the previous article and stuck it on it’s page. I’ve begun writing the brief reviews to go with actual ratings, but I’m not happy with how it’s looking. Don’t expect it too soon.

*valid for certain values of massive. Look, it’s $200 and about 12-14 disks. That’s massive enough.

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  1. Dr.Heinous says:

    Pft. It doesn’t matter. I’m caught in a work/sleep/work/repeat cycle right now. I just want to go home… and it’s only 7:52 am…

  2. The “Kiss Kiss Kiss” CD (which I also ordered from RACS) has vocal and instrumental versions of both “Kiss Kiss Kiss” and “Sora.”

    They’re slightly different from what you hear in the show–the chorus of “Kiss Kiss Kiss” kicks in immediately after the verse in the CD version, as opposed to the brief reprise of the intro theme. And there’s more “rapping.”

    Both songs are very satisfactory. I’m not sure why the instrumental versions are there–karoke I suppose.


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