Not Entirely In the Clear Yet . . . If Ever?

Yes, I’m still alive, but I’m not sure how much anyone’s going to be able to notice, insofar as my posting might indicate life. There are some long-term changes underway. I have to say “don’t expect lots of posting” because I spend a lot of time working on each post and now I don’t have a lot of un-interrupted time.

As I mentioned long ago, my mother has lung cancer. Seeing as she’s in her 70’s and is still going two years after diagnosis, she’s doing pretty damn good. However, p.d.g. is relative, and when someone who’s already down to a fraction of their lung capacity gets pneumonia — and tries to ignore it — the situation can get pretty serious. That’s one way to describe “life-threatening.” I had to call in reinforcements to get her to see the light and go into the hospital, where they pumped her full of antibiotics and oxygen 24 hours a day. So in addition to her being in the hospital, I had two relatives staying with us at home.

The immediate crisis is past, but cumulative lung damage means that she’s now largely inactive, and a lot of things around the house (that I’ve had the luxury of ignoring) have fallen on my shoulders to get done, plus being caregiver for my mother. I share these duties with my brother, but of course it’s a “two-way street” in that each of us also contributes to the need for things around the house…. for instance, he cooks because he gets home earlier, but dear lord, what he does to a kitchen should be banned under the Geneva Conventions. My job is to clean up. And of course, I had lots of work to catch up.

I’ve found a bit of time to spare for a couple of posts on Houblog and blogHOUSTON, but haven’t had the drive/energy for Majou yet. Not that I’ve been watching much animé for that matter. It hasn’t helped that I’ve had 2 computers require a complete reload of the O/S. First off, the laptop’s HD decided to die, but at least it gave me enough warning to get the critical files off. However, since I’ve replaced it, the system won’t stop rebooting spontaneously. It even turns itself on. I don’t know if it’s some kind of battery problem (I pulled the battery while I changed the HD) or if somethings contacting where it shouldn’t on the HD. At the same time I was coping with that, I found out the hard way that Steven’s dislike of Bittorrent software is well-founded. Although to be fair, my mistake was in clicking on a fansub group’s url to their site. I was getting curious about the different groups, and I thought I’d see if they had a forum and check out their other series, etc. Wish I could remember which group now. For my curiosity I got a trojan, a shitload of spyware, and adware out the wazoo.

I installed the latest AdAware and even hauled out MacAffee, as much as I hate it, but it wasn’t enough to scrub the system. I finally had to nuke it and reload the O/S (yes, it’s still W2K SP4, Dr. Heinous!). Unfortunately, that left me unable to load the MB drivers for several days because I couldn’t find the right CD. “Download and USB,” says Dr.H. “Ouch!” I say, after smacking my head. Still, I can’t get the sound to work out quite right–the onboard sound has been faulty for years, so I installed a cheap card that causes no end of trouble to TeamSpeak, and that hasn’t changed. Can’t hear, can’t talk, but anyone else talking gets an echo. It’s like the Line In is hardwired to the Microphone. Bah.

I haven’t yet re-installed Azureas on that system and I’m not sure I want to, so no more “free” animé. Not that I’ve been in an animé mood lately–most of my spare time has been taken up by WOW, I admit. I’m just now getting to the level where I can administer some payback to those Alliance bastards who ganked us so many times…

I’ve watched maybe 2 more episodes of Outlaw Star, but I’m barely past the halfway point. Haven’t watched the end of Bakumatsu yet. (Aside: I think it lost something after the Revenge Troupe broke up. The story-within-a-story, story-as-reality, and reality-as-story angles seemed to give it a special zing, especially when reality intruded rudely into the play. After the troupe broke up, that was gone and it was just a typical animé swords-and-evil-spirits story, with a side of typical gimmicky animé villains taken straight from central casting and stuffed into British Marine uniforms.) Nor have I opened GITS:SAC, or DVD1 of Coyote Ragtime Show. Obviously I need some better animé to watch.

Well, if I’m not finding it to download, I’d best be ordering from Robert, then. To replace the crappy Chinese bootlegs, I pre-ordered the new thinpack of Vandred I & II. I also pre-ordered DVD 2 (special edition) of Haruhi Suzimaya. I’m really chapped at how they’re releasing it… DVD 2 SE has DVD 1 subbed and in the original broadcast order. So I have to buy BOTH the English and Japanese version and pay for a bunch of extras I don’t give a damn about. Like I’m going to parade about in an SOS armband at a convention. Sheesh. So anyway, after that, and the Divergence Eve soundtrack, I need something stupid and fanservicey. (I said stupid, not brain dead. Girls’ High is not in the cards.) Ikki Tousen ought to fit that bill just fine.

Personally, I blame Wonderduck for that choice.

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4 Responses to Not Entirely In the Clear Yet . . . If Ever?

  1. Wonderduck says:

    You’re welcome! You’ll be surprised at how okay it is, by the way… a LOT better than it had any right to be.

    “Wish I could remember which group now. For my curiosity I got a trojan, a shitload of spyware, and adware out the wazoo.”

    The website of the first group to release a fansub of Lucky*Star (NOT a.f.k. or Lucky Channel) did the same thing to me. I didn’t have to scrub and reload, but it was close.

  2. Andrew F. says:

    Glad to hear that your mother pulled through. Between caring for her and dealing with two computers gone south, I’m impressed that you’ve found time to blog/watch anime/play WoW at all.

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    WD: I think it was the same group that got me. Sounds about right; I haven’t DL’d much else lately except Tenga Toppen.

    Andrew: Thanks. Bear in mind that the computers are only the last week or so, Mother’s been the whole month. And she’s not a total invalid but we have to watch her; she’s prone to dizzy/fainting spells. Artery blockage in combo with diminished lung capacity. 🙁

  4. Glad to see you back, sorry to hear about your mother…my dad had lung cancer and lived for another 12 years before he finally passed away. So don’t give up hope.

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