Quick Thought on Shana

Steven says in response to Wonderduck’s question on Shana’s assumption of Yukari’s existance:

The girl Hirai Yukari is consumed by a rinne (a servant of a denizen) in the first episode and is replaced by a torch. In the second episode that torch burns out right in front of Yuji. Shana is nearby when it happens, and captures a small ember on one of her fingers. The next day at school she’s there sitting where Yukari had been sitting, and everyone refers to her as Hirai Yukari….The reason that no one forgets about Yukari is because Shana is using her own power to maintain that past without it fading out. But also because of that, everyone accepts her as being Yukari and no one notices the replacement. That’s the nature of the magic involved.

Steven also has some serious problems with the contradictions in “Yukari’s” existence:

If, before she went away, Yukari lived alone then it means that the house is now completely vacant. A landlord or a bank or tax collectors or neighbors are going to notice and wonder. If Yukari was not living alone, then whoever she was living with (parents, siblings, servants, guardians) would notice that she was gone. In any case, eventually someone is going to file a “missing person” report with the police, and the most obvious first place for an investigator to look around would be Yukari’s school — where he’s going to be told that she’s been attending normally. Then he’s going to seek her out at the school and ask her why she hasn’t gone home.

The answer to all this is that I think it’s a misread of what Shana did. She didn’t maintain Yukari’s past; she took over Yukari’s present. She or Allistor altered Yukari’s past existence when she took it over. Her parents do not remember her, they have nothing to indicate they ever had a child, no one remembers them having a child, and everyone in the school knows her as “that orphan girl who lives alone.” There is no direct confirmation of that anytime, but we do see Shana’s apartment late in the series (she lived alone) — and my question is “how does she pay for it?” One of the things I looked for was whether it was actually Shana’s or Yukari’s, and there’s no clear indication. I got the feeling it was Shana’s, though.

As for Chigusa…. well, I’m going to let it wait until tomorrow and finish up the longer article I’m writing.

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