Lucky Star

So is it a “poor man’s Azumanga” or “animé meets Seinfeld?” Is it yet another smash from KyoAni, or their first major stumble. Is it a bomb, or ‘da bomb?’

Damifino. It was cute, and the OP is almost up there with Hare Hare Yukai (the music wasn’t as good, IMHO). The lyrics are nonsensical outtakes from trivial conversations — I haven’t heard this much randomness since Don McLean’s American Pie. Or Chet. (Now that’s getting obscure and showing my age.)

It’s completely random; one of the things I found faintly humorous is that the writers know a silly conversation about how to eat certain foods that goes on and on and on isn’t entertaining, but they do it anyway. I’ve heard it said that “a good writer knows when they can break the rules” and I guess the same thing applies here.

I just don’t know if they can make a series out of such a concept. Time will tell

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  1. I just don’t know if they can make a series out of such a concept.

    Of course they can. The real question is whether it’ll be worth watching. But if they could make “Dokuro-chan”, they can make this.

  2. …maybe what you meant was “make a good series…” (it now occurs to me)

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Heh. As long as we understand “they”, “KyoAni”, and “Dokuro-chan” do not belong within light-years of each other.

    But seriously, American TV produced Seinfeld, a “show about nothing.” And that’s what we have here. There’s not even a hint of a plot during the episode. It’s just girls talking, and the conversations are completely inane and trivial. There’s extended set-ups where earlier jokes/skits are tied to later ones, but that’s as close as it comes. Many are chuckle-worthy and a few involve [mild] innuendo, but no gut-busters.

    I think it’s going to be a series that everyone either loves with fanboy enthusiasm or hates because of that fanboy enthusiasm. Either viewers will like the characters and be captivated by certain running gags involving them, or they’ll hate the utter pointlessness of the show.

  4. MaverickRonin says:

    I like so far but either way KyoAni still wins. Two episodes (I think) have aired and its already igniting flame wars across the net. That’s the kind of publicity you (usually) can’t buy.

  5. Wonderduck says:

    I’m assuming (hoping?) that there will be some there there later in the series… otherwise, this is going to be one whopping pile of wombat dung.

    With a cute OP, yes, but still…

  6. Ubu Roi says:

    Agreed. I could see a few OVA’s, but a series? A twenty-four episode series?

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