Not Much Exciting

Just to let everyone know that it’s not just WOW that’s wasting my time, I just remarked in an email: “I needed all my creative juices for Houblog today. And really, not a lot of animé is exciting me right now, so Bridgebunnies is getting the short end of the stick.

Hayate was kind of cute, but I find intrusive narrators to be tedious, even when they’re meant to be funny. Haven’t seen a sub of Nagarasette (sp? whatever), but the concept seemed stupid and the broadcast codes are keeping it from being any more “ecchi-taining.” Not to mention the fact that this being the same team that gave us Otome wa Boku is NOT a recommendation. Their art wasn’t quite as bad as Crescent Love by the end, but they were trying.”

And then I decided to copy it here as a post to fill you all in. Because I’m lazy.

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