Well, I was working up a post on FMP: TSR DVD 2, but I managed to hit the wrong key and lose the entire thing. Of course, I’d been working on it for over an hour without saving. Baka. Oh well, it was wandering all over the place anyway, not a good, tight article at all. I’ll try again tomorrow or Wed. Meantime, I’m bushed.

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  1. Even so, glad to see you’re back. (Instead of seeing your back.)

  2. Yes, glad to see a new entry, even if…it’s an entry explaining why there isn’t a new entry…or something.

  3. Dr.Heinous says:

    Yes, sleep! Something you didn’t do whilst you were visiting me. Nearly as bad as the Stainless Steel Brat!

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    Next time, I bring my own air mattress. Every time I come up there, you have a new one, and it leaks too. But I don’t require 11 hours of sleep like some people I know anyway.

    I’m not fully up to speed yet; I didn’t get around to doing some (er, any) of the work I planned to on the system. I’ve got my email and most programs back, but I’m debating posting a rant on Houblog first.

  5. Ubu Roi says:

    Well, I’ve got the FMP:TSR article about 2/3 done. Need to work on the screenshots tomorrow night, and will post then. Sneak preview:

    Well, this is where I have to say “I think I was wrong” because while the first DVD was “ok” the second one kicked some serious ass. Kyoto Animation really hit their stride with the series during this stretch. There was only one battle to be found, and that in episode 5, but the rest of it was chock full of comedy, drama, some romantic development, some character development, and, in the 7th episode, some serious “oh shit, ohshitohshitohshitohshit RUN, DAMMIT!” tension, ending on an emotional and dramatic cliff-hanger.

    Dr.Heinous was most upset with me for showing him a series that wasn’t fully out… now he has to wait until March 6th for the next DVD to come out. He’s Heinous. I’m evil. Muahahahaha! 🙂

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