Did I Really Want to Know that?

Well, I dithered too long and missed Robert’s deal on Cardcaptor Sakura, so I ended up over at RightStuff (“Our motto: We ship when we want to!”), picking up theirs. Over $500 in anime for $80; well, the series would have to suck something grandly to make me regret that deal, and by all accounts, it doesn’t. So I’ll have plenty to watch for the next, oh, two months or so? That is, assuming I actually get it from them.

Watch me try to burn through all of it in three days. (Ain’t happening, not with that much material, but still…)

While I was on their site, I noticed the category, “Adult Games.” I’d gotten mildly curious about the subject, since Kanon came along — I’d actualy gone looking for a translated copy of it, and also for a copy of Otome wa Boku. (Purely to confirm Mizuho’s sex, I assure you! Inquiring minds want to know.) I figured that if the genre spawns that much animé, it can’t suck too badly. (Wait, I should reconsider that choice of words…)

I hadn’t checked out RightStuff’s list before, so I started looking at some of the descriptions of the games. It was obvious that their specials were mostly of the really bad stuff. Laughably and obviously so. Then I ran across Tokimeki Check-in, which wasn’t on special. I recognized the cover character from MT-i’s entry in last October’s De-motivational Poster contest over at TJ’s — she’s the entrant for Gentlemanliness, and I remember thinking “That’s…. not going to be an easy decision in the game, given the ‘provocation.’ And that outfit is one helluva provocation!”

Ok, ok, so I ordered it. “Porno for the people!” is the new cry of the revolution, and all that. I will probably have to set up one of the systems to dual boot, since it doesn’t say it will run under Win2k. Ah well. But then I really pushed my luck by looking at another of of the bargain games: Jewel Knights. The text made it look borderline bad, but maybe funny, until I got to this part:

Features a full “auto forwarding mode” mode as well for handsfree play.

Um. Well, there’s nothing like user-friendly features, after all….. Oh, look, and it is compatible with Win2k!

(Wait. I use the mouse left-handed anyway….)

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