Merry Christmas!

Er, or Happy Animé Day, whichever floats your boat…

Hm.. Needs a little text, like maybe, “Read the SOS-Dan’s favorite animé blog, Mahou Meido Meganekko!

Nahhhhh. Haruhi would try to take the damn thing over and put the SOS logo on it. Or pictures of Mikuru…hey, wait, maybe there’d be something to that takeover after all….

Edit: “What, some guy is posting pictures of me dressed in a Christmas bunny outfit? Sounds suspicious! He should be posting pictures of Mikuru and providing a link to our site! Moe! Moe! It will draw in millions of new viewers, and the SOS brigade will gain new recruits! With that many people, we’re bound to find a few aliens, espers, time-travelers or sliders hiding among them! We’ll just have to make sure that the Computer Club isn’t trying to pull anything sneaky again. Or those guys from the student council! You just can’t trust them, they’re idiots and lack vision! That stupid Kyon needs to re-submit our club application and make sure it gets approved this time! Hey, that reminds me, I just had a great idea for a sequel to our movie: The Student Council that Stole Christmas! We can have Mikuru as the combat waitress sent from the future to save Christmas for all the kids. Maybe I’ll put Kyon in front of the camera this time–he does a good reindeer impression! Just in the background somewhere, you understand, he’s not really that photogenic. And Shamisen could be Mikuru’s sidekick–too bad he doesn’t really talk…hey do they have cultural festivals in American schools? Never mind. Of course they do!”

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