I Never Learn Either

Sigh. I’m having an energetic discussion on the subject of separation of church and state animé and politics, over at Jason’s place. About 20 comments down.

Considering that some people have a religious fervor about their politics (and I mean that in the sense of strength of conviction and utter lack of logic), maybe I shouldn’t have done the strikeout above…..

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  1. Andrew F. says:


    I skimmed the post and the comments. Lost my taste (or rather my stomach) for invective a while back, so I didn’t get beyond the comment after your first. I never really liked Miao’s blog (he’s a Mikuru fan–what else do you need to know?) and no longer read it on a regular basis; has it really been getting more political lately?

    The whole “should (drawn/animated) lolicon porn be considered child porn?” debate has been done to death, though, with most anime bloggers and their readers coming down on the side of “hell no”. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Yeah. Actually, the next few comments weren’t bad — although I was longwinded. Crusader kinda took off on me, but I realized it was because he thought I meant “France” by FR, not “Free Republic.” Edit: apparently, he wasn’t the only one. Love how people jump to conclusions.

    Oh, and BTW, I’m a Mikuru fan too. Big Mikuru, not the helpless younger one.

    Whats not to like? (I’m beginning to detect a trend in my tastes here…)

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