Hurry Up, Already!

Don sends this bit of good news: Negotiations are underway with several companies for the R1 rights to Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The entire package; manga, novels, & animé, may be licensed here, to one company or several. (See 11/6/06 05:20 post.)

This is one animé I’m likely to spring for the box on, and pre-order to boot. DVD’s are cheaper to replace than hard drives, and I’ll wear mine out from rewatching the series! (Ok, the HD is hardly that fragile, but you get the picture.) An interesting note, scroll down to the 11/1/06 07:56PM post: American companies are getting behind on their license payments. The blame is placed on the fansubbers, but I suspect the real culprit is buying the licenses while the series is in pre-production rather than after it’s brodcast — and we know if it’s a stinker or not. (cough, Coyote Ragtime, cough, which looked awesome… for an episode.)

Update: Not only is the news circulating (as reported by Andrew, below) that Melancholy will be getting a second season in 2007, word has (over at Jason’s site) that Zero no Tsukaima is getting a second season.  This time, Louise and Saito better get their shit (and lips) together.

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