Progress is Slow (Astra, updated)

Well, from the comments on the prior post, I can see that I’m not the only one who has issues with Funi’s player. Sometimes it just doesn’t work; other times I can get an episode to run, but only one. And the auto-resolution is crap. As a result, I’ve only made it up to episode 5, “Being Abandoned In Space Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Have A Swimsuit Episode.” I say abandoned, because they’re not lost, they know exactly where they are and how to get home, and even seem to have some data on the planets they’re using to hopscotch home. Though Kanata needs to have his head examined. Episode 4 was a major eye-roller, when he show

Now I know I’m talking to a bunch of people who have already seen the show, but there’s a few obvious things here. Just in case someone hasn’t though, I’m using spoiler tags Spoiler tags don’t seem to be working so I’m putting it below the fold. Abandon faith, all ye spoilinators! Figured them out.

First, it’s damned suspicious that two of the parents separately used the same line, “tearing me apart.” And so many of the parents are fine with just blowing off the search, despite the inconsistencies in the disappearance. I’m suspecting most, if not all of them are in on it. But if it was a planned murder, why the spaceship? Why is the V.Principals son not only armed, but obviously skilled with guns? I’m calling red herring — he’s not working with the baddies, but he does have a reason to hate Luca’s dad. I think he actually has a clue about what’s going on here, and is working with the “other side” — whomever supplied the spaceship. (Which, having enough fuel to get home is just a bit too co-inky-dink ain’t it?) Note that he wasn’t carrying the gun until after they got on the ship. He knew the gun was stored in the hold

, and he also knew about the extension cords when they had to connect the emergency generator. He didn’t find them; he already knew where everything was in the hold.

Aries is the wild card. She wasn’t supposed to be in that group. As a transfer student, she was just tossed in to round out the numbers. (I thought, but read on…) So, we’ve got a politician, a brilliant (physics?) scientist, a brilliant medical researcher, a superstar singer, the school’s Vice Principal and then three odd members out; Kanata’s dad, Ms. Spring, and Charce’s mother, the latter of whom did not participate in the browbeating of Ms. Spring. In fact, she pointed out that Luca’s father, the politician was absent. Having his DNA screened?

Hmmmm. So there’s a new law requiring everyone to get their DNA “screened,” which he was opposed to. DNA recorded in a database? Examined for illegal modifications? Oh, my, the peccadilloes that might suddenly be exposed! Parentage that might be revealed… or not, if a certain pair of unrelated-but-suspiciously-similar sisters turn out to have only one parent. Designer children, suddenly being a criminal liability? Maybe Aries wasn’t actually a wild card. How does a brunette have a daughter with bright red/pink hair? Is Aries adopted, and Ms. Spring got a bit more than she bargained for? Kanata can run really fast, even without anti-grav shoes, and is a well-known decathlete

, son of a man who was also a famous athlete. A man who had to retire due to injury, and then tried to force his dream on his son. Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe he wasn’t one of the “odd” parents, but a charter member of the “designer offspring club.” I need to re-watch the first episode. Charce is certainly a charming-prince type , but is it cliche` or unnatural? And Luca is just… weirdly androgynous. Not to mention about as physically different from his dad as Aries is to her mom.

And I could be really way off base with all of this. As long as the final answers make sense, and the writers don’t get lazy and pull a solution out of their asses, I think I’ll be greatly entertained. Here’s hoping. 🙂

UPDATE: Halfway through episode six. You guys have got to be laughing your asses off about Luca. So near, yet so far on Ulgar. So where did the ship come from? My thinking is that communicator was removed so the kids wouldn’t blow their own cover. Also to let the the conspirators think that they got away with it for a while , and make some moves that would implicate themselves.\\

UPDATE 2: End of episode 8. Bingo!

UPDATE 3: End of episode 9. I knew the dates were wonky, and there was going to be some twist coming. I kept asking myself, “why add Polina to the story?” I did NOT expect that. show

Oh, and I figured out the spoiler tags.

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