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If anyone still reads this blog…

We wants it.

Blue Steel at

Does this include the movie, and is it likely to have English sub-titles, given the Blu-ray region and English cover? And does anyone know if I have to go through anything special to buy from

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  1. Second question first. Look for the dropdown menu that says “JP”. Change it to “EN”, this makes the menus and prompts English but not the product descriptions. They accept US credit cards and will even offer to charge you in dollars, but you will probably get a better exchange rate if you select yen.

    There are 2 separate product descriptions, one says it includes “all 13 episodes”, the other says “all 12 episodes.” No mention of the movie. No mention of subtitles.

    • Ubu Roi says:

      Thanks! Something on the cover mentions movie (as best as I can read it) and the series had 12 episodes, so the Cadenza movie may be included. I’ve read things on Wikipedia indicating that there are two movies, one in 2015 and another this year. But one is mentioned as a re-hash/summary of the series. Not sure. I found the opening 20 minutes of Cadenza on YouTube, but it’s ambiguous as to which it might be.

  2. Brickmuppet says:

    I have no idea, but the capable Mr. Tappan seems to have leapt to the rescue.
    Glad to see you back!

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Now if I can just work up the energy to finish the post I started. Watching 3 series so far: Goblin Slayer, Zombieland Saga, and Index III.

  4. jgreely says:

    The runtime is 291 minutes. The US release (DVD+Bluray) is 300 minutes, and says it only contains episodes 1-12.


  5. Ubu Roi says:

    Well, I finally gave up and bittorrented it. First time I’ve done that in years. I was not impressed. The series, up until the original ending, was written like someone knew submarines and naval tactics, at least as of WWII. The series ending and the Cadenza movie were written using “rule of cool” and the usual anime tropes of beam-of-war, missile spam, and weird weapons that had nothing to do with naval tactics. Drills? So Gurren Lagen.

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