Back to the Future Past

I dug up my nearly 15-year old Sony 2 megapixel camera. Screw Microsucks and mePhone.

The unnamed bayou again. This is backing up from Greens Bayou

More below the fold.

Compare to below; this is at 4pm

vs. this morning around 8:30:

Notice the tree with the Y-trunk and the water level below it.


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, this (above) isn’t flooding anyone, unless it’s some houses around the far edge bend on the right (not shown).

Greens Bayou at Normandy, where the cars were this morning. Not sure if they're still there.

My friend Deacon's apartment complex. And yes, he's on the bottom floor, at the back. GB is right behind him

Well, actually he’s with family right now…

Woodforest, east of Uvalde. Note the obstacle course...

Truck Parking. We don't pay these guys enough.

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