Ubu? Who’s That?

Heh, yes, I’m still alive. Other than the occasional appearance in someone else’s comments, I’ve been kind of quiet lately. So a short update….

Stopped playing Rift again. Just not worth it; I was having more fun with the Minions than the main game. The “build a base” or whatever was too annoying.

Still not watching much anime. I go weeks without queuing up anything in Crunchyroll. I did watch some recorded episodes of Negima! a few weeks ago.

My stats are continuing to decrease at World of Warships. My all-time WTR is now down to 729. I didn’t discover the new Operations mode until the last day of the Newport mission; I’ve had a lot of fun with both, but they don’t count for PVP stats. Yesterday was obscene (313). I played the new convoy op until Schnort got on, and then we took tier 6 and 7 ships into PvP. For some god-awful reason, we had several games in a row where almost the entire team put the “C” in “Coward” As in they’d be the north team in a domination match and the BB’s wouldn’t go south of row D. For reference, the Capture zones begin at F in a horizontal arrangement. I’d do 3k and die early on the E-F line… Um, Mr. Tirpitz, why are you up in B chasing a DD into the far corner? Sigh.

Biggest leisure time activity was a trip up to Dr. Heinous’ which I combined with a meeting with some old college gaming buddies and a weekend of GURPS Fantasy. Much fun was had by all. However, Steve Jackson Games needs to work on their rules writing; an unclear point that confused me resulted in a lengthy email to the GM afterwards. (I was not rules lawyering! I’m not qualified enough – the GM is a lawyer!) After a page detailing my thoughts as to how I might be doing something wrong, based on an interpretation of the text, I concluded with the post-script, “Why yes, I am a bureaucrat!” (Really. That, I am.) To which one of the players responded, “you’ve convinced me. My next character isn’t going to be a halfling rogue, but a human bureaucrat!”

Guess you had to be there….

Playing a little Minecraft. Seems to be kind of dead since Microsucks bought it for $2B. Some Stellaris, with a bunch of mods a friend recommended. Enh.

Webcomics: Megatokyo is getting back on track (uh, Kimiko, what are you DOING???), but more amazing, Outsider is showing signs of life. After a year with nothing… four pages!

Reading a lot of sheer crap these days; mostly Chinese junk translated on readlightnovel.com. Apparently they’re an aggregator stealing stuff from wuxiaworld and other sites. If you accept that cultural bias shows in the junk writing of any given nation, I have to say that the Chinese have ZERO belief in fair play and restraint; instead it’s all “might makes right” and “the strong oppress the weak.” Even if the “strong” are supposed to be the “good guys”. I’ve criticized David Weber for giving his protagonists guilt-trips over enemy deaths in war; I don’t expect an entertaining story involving conflict to be about mint ice cream, unicorn farts, and rainbows. But dayum, when the hero smashes someone’s teeth in because that person demanded to know just who this rude person is, interrupting his private lunch…? Or when another hero is bribing the teachers for favorable treatment? It’s not that I don’t like Chinese. I’m fine with the Taiwanese. I just don’t trust those commie bastards on the mainland, and hate the junk they foist off on us. That’s the way I’ve rolled since 1986.

Tank man forever!

Oh, and we had a seminar on workplace violence at work today. For some reason, they weren’t amused when I asked “Wait, you mean this wasn’t a how-to?”

Go figure…

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  1. David says:

    I had not noticed that Outsider was updating again. Cool! I’ve lost the thread of what is happening in Megatokyo, I probably need to go and re-read from the start of the current chapter.

    World of Warships has been somewhat bizarre lately. I suspect the Bismark event brought back a lot of players and then pushed them into ships that they don’t really know how to play. I had an excellent run a few weeks ago and managed to get many of my lines to Tier X. It’s fun to have the big nasty powerful ships, but teamwork is so critical at high tier, and it’s been notably absent of late. I’ve actually been playing more low-tier for fun, I bought a Cleveland this weekend to use in the PVE missions.

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