I’m just not feeling it for anime this season. I don’t think it has anything to do with Steven’s passing, but I’m finding no interest in what’s showing on Crunchy. Not sure what put me off of Izetta; probably the conceit that she’s the “last witch.” So, she’s so yuri for the Princess, she’s not going to marry and have kids? No one else has any talent for witchcraft at all? Ever? Yeah, right.

Drifters…. my attention drifted after one episode. I keep trying to watch the 2nd, and can’t get past the opening. RWBY kind of lost me with that downer ending to S3 and the timeskip. I might catch up again, might not.

My Wife is the Student Council President: Stupid premise, stupid manga, just not interested in it at all. Well, that can’t be 100% true, since there’s a whole lot of anime I’m not going to bother to mention here because I can’t even be interested in looking it up.

Magical Girl Raising Project — I really ought to watch it. Can’t be bothered. Well, maybe it’s a case of I’m almost afraid to watch it. Can it possibly approach Madoka levels?

Brave Witches: Sadly

, I’ve come to realize — pants are a sign of civilization. Yet another cute coming-of-age story, but the original Suommus Misfit squadron (in print) was better– the Japanese girl was demonstrably wrong and had to grow out of her problems, the Brit was a headcase from survivor’s guilt, the American was a total klutz. I’m not interested in a spunky cub fighter who begs for a chance to play with the big girls; done to death. I’d pull out Stratos 4 again if I want that.

I’m still following a number of mangas, maybe I’ll write on that next week.

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