HxH Again

Well, I read through the end of the 7th LN. The whipsawing between pathos on one hand, and pandering sex on the other… continued unabated. Things on the prurient side:

1. Multiple threesomes.
2. Yuri – lots.
3. At least two orgies.
4. Saving two worlds through the second orgy. Which, by the way, was televised, world-wide. Uncensored.
5. A sex scene involving a 13-year old and a realistic dildo. With penetration.
6. Sister-sister incest, and bro-con incest. At least Reiri was terribly embarassed and tried to conceal it.

Continuing with the pathos (and angst)

7. The American team shows up, and the leader hates Yurisha, her former leader.
8. One battle involves 15 students killed (unnamed mooks).
9. At least two named antagonists are killed.
10. Chidorigafuchi Aine’s memory comes back slowly. About that…. It results in a Face/Heel Turn. It was fairly obvious that she was from the other world, and it was evident that she was probably related to the royal family. Actually, it turned out that she was the Emperor (not Empress….mistranslation, I think.), having been coroneted when she was seven, due to the death of her father. Her little sister (then 5, now 14) has been holding down the job.

Ok, lets face it. I was disappointed when #6 finally showed up, but #5 was too damn far. I don’t see how they’re going to get that even on AT-X, and frankly, I don’t want them to.


I read the first half of the 8th LN. Referencing GreyDuck’s comment below, “And then the streams crossed the final frontier!” Seriously, I should have quit while I was ahead. Brother-sister-mom incest :-O The author’s public sex fetish was bad enough… what’s left? Beastiality?

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3 Responses to HxH Again

  1. GreyDuck says:

    So this is what happens when you cross the “and then it GOT WORSE” and the “and then things got NASTIER, bow chikka wow” streams.

    Ewwww. The whole thing seems like an exercise in titillation of one form or another, and somebody paid for the rights to make a blatant buy-the-Blu-Ray anime series from it. (Yes, I watched the first ep.) This is where we are now, folks! Whee!

  2. jgreely says:

    With all that, I’m surprised you forgot to mention the naughty tentacles, which, like the dildo, magically transmitted full sensation back to Our Hero. I had to skim quickly to get past the awkwardly literal translation (and how do you manage to translate eight books without any improvement at all?), but I was left with the conviction that Kizuna is one of the purest Mary Sues ever published.


  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Overload. Seriously, overload.
    As for the lack of improvement, I think he translated them quickly.

    A belated thought. If Kizuna is a Mary Sue, then this might not be the product of a deranged imagination, but deranged experience…

    Oh, and I finished the eighth novel. Saving the universe, by rape, one goddess at a time. Where’s my truckload of brain bleach?

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