Next day after the next day after. I still feel like crap, but am at work. (on break!)

Spent some time playing WoWs yesterday; had some decent games, but also had a “derp?” encounter. Was tooling along in my Bogue (Tier 5 carrier), hunting down the red team’s Langley. It took time, because I didn’t see any enemy planes. Finally found him in the far corner, and thought at first he must be AFK, but no, he was moving. I have the air defense version of the Bogue, with two fighter squadrons and a dive bomber; he was a typical Langley with one each and a torp bomber squadron. I parked my fighters nearby and started bringing up my bombers; we spent the next couple of minutes playing cat-and-mouse between our fighter squadrons. With a 2-1 superiority, his timidity didn’t surprise me much, at that point, but his earlier absence from the battle was still odd. Finally he sent the bombers out just as mine arrived, and he mis-timed their movements, giving me a clear shot at both his bombers and carrier.

I wiped his bombers and started chasing his fighters, only to be accosted by an aggrieved complaint in chat.

“Stop camping my planes!”


. .

. . .





Say what?

I’m just sort of imagining the captain of the Yamato telling the American dive bombers, “Red Team, you suxxor! Fight with ships, you gimps, and get off teh respawn!”

Even his own team had to call BS on that one… “Dude, that’s his job!” and sadly, since they were better than my team, his teammates found me shortly thereafter and I had no allies left to keep them from sinking me before I could finish him. I did bag one of the attacking DD’s, though.

You know, I recorded that game. I need to figure out how to convert the file and make a “funtage” out of it…

“Stop camping my planes!”

/shakes head

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  1. Mauser says:

    Want some real fun? Learn to use the Fighter Strafe. You will get complaints that you must be using some kind of cheating mod because you wipe out a squadron so quickly.

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