Pictures, or It Didn’t Happen

Here you go.

It’s my precious, and I want’s it! Those damn, sneaky Russians keep finding ways to part me from my money. Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet; I talked to HellishYoda and he said that yes, he was a supertester, and no, he couldn’t talk about it. Drat.

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2 Responses to Pictures, or It Didn’t Happen

  1. MidniteTease says:

    BB-35? I’m guessing it will be a premium version of the New York? Awesome.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Dr.Heinous said he read about it somewhere. Custom New York, 1944 refit, with very powerful AA. I assume that was the configuration when it was providing fire support during D-Day.

    Google search.

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