Random Stuff, and Winter 2015

So…. Recently, both Steven and I got new mascots for our computers.

Steven got this: (NSFW)
from Robert’s.

I got this from Dr. Heinous:


I think Steven wins….


, and in case he didn’t spot it (I know this isn’t a series Steven watches):

Rinservice for the win.

I was surprised at the double-length episode, because I forgot FS/N was split-cour. Seems to be a rash of those lately. Both FS/N series, Aldnoah Zero… I guess it’s better than three recap episodes in 22 (yes, Code Geass, I’m looking at you.)

Despite THAT episode, I’ll continue watching Aldnoah Zero in the Winter season. it’s still one of the best of the last few seasons, easily beating FS/N’s dragged-out first half. (How do you fit a 90 minute movie into a 26 episode series? Easy, lots of talking. But since it involves Rin, I haven’t minded too much.)

I’m lukewarm at best for the latest Monogatari entry. I never finished the last series. Absolute Duo, feh. I’ve read the LN on Baka-Tsuki — generic guy/girl combat school team, with a few wanna-be haremettes. Maybe just to pass the time, but I’m expecting nothing. YuriKuma: Hell no. This is from the director of Manwaru Penguindrum and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Keep it and it’s mind-fucks away from me.

Kamisama Gesundheit: Well, whatever; it sounds like a sneeze anyway. Didn’t watch the original, probably not watching the sequel.


Kantai Collection: Maybe. Maybe it’ll be better than Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Speaking of Arpeggio, I’ve read the scanlations to date, and they beat the series by a considerable margin. I knew the reveal about the Yamato, and it was still a stunner. Back to Kantai, I’m not expecting Strike Witches quality here. Or should I? As in a copy of it…

Shinmai Maou no Testement: I’ve been reading the scanlations, such as there are. It hasn’t really grabbed me, and the guy’s back-story seems overdone. And awfully convenient.

Fafnir: I have to watch at least one episode, just so I can figure out which girls were ripped off from Infinite Stratos.

Fafner Exodus: I’ve debated picking up the original series, but haven’t, and now that’s arguing against my watching this series.

Dog Days ”: Of course. Cat, Dog, and Squirrel-girls for the win!

World Break: Harems are getting to be overdone to death. Really. Maybe i’ll watch it. Maybe I won’t.

ISUCA: The scanlators weren’t consistent enough for this to keep my attention, and I thought the MC was kind of useless. Might check it out to see if I was wrong.

Junketsu no Maria Is Paris worth a Mass? Is this anime about a witch during the Hundred Years War worth watching? Inquiring minds want to know. Not sure I do, but I might check it out if I’m bored.

And that’s about it. Anything else, I’m not interested in at this point.

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  1. Mauser says:

    I’ve found the Monogatari series visually fascinating, and the dialog impressively clever, but on the other hand, very hard to get into for some reason. I’m not even sure if I have all of them (since I’ve never seen the movie with the original event, the vampire attack) that sets the background for everything else. At this point, I’m not even sure what order I should be watching them all in.

    Doesn’t help that “Monogatari” by itself just means “Story” so it’s in a few other unrelated titles.

    I need a checklist.

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