Enh, Maybe I’m Just Lazy

Lots of Minecrafting, some Sword of the Stars (1), and MTG. I just don’t have the patience for screenshots and captions, and showing how bad my writing skills have gotten.

Despite all that, I’m actually spending most of my time sorting cards. The current block release completes this week, and I still haven’t finished sorting all the old block that went out of date LAST year into the correct boxes. However the cat helped with sorting this morning. He’s a little weak on alphabetizing, color coordination, and even keeping the cards on the table, but gets an “A” for effort…

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  1. topmaker says:

    Is sword of the stars the game with Murder of Crows and Argos Naval Yard?
    My son introduced me to that one. Great game, but very long for my kind of strategy. I tend to build up defense first and I am not sire that is the best thinking for this game. I also still have trouble thinking in a 3D world.

    He does quite a bit of Minecraft with his college (now post college) buds. I have to have him tune in to your site.

    • Ubu Roi says:

      Wow, I’ve gotten bad about noticing comments on my blog. Maybe I ought to do something about that…. like, well, visit once in a while. Heh.

      Yes, that’s SOTS I. I didn’t like II so much. SOTS I can get really long if you go for a large galaxy; some of the games I’ve won have gone upwards of 700-800 turns. Part of the reason is that I’m the same way, and you’re right, turtle strategy is not a good idea. Get out there, grab everything you can, and try to hold on to as much of it as is feasible.

      I haven’t been blogging much Minecraft, but I might start. Hey, I might even start doing some here…. but it’s soooooo much easier to fire up MC and drive my villagers crazy.

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