iPhone has a Flaw

So I’m taking pictures and movies with my iPhone on a trip this last weekend, and I don’t do that much. As it happens, I (re)discover one really major flaw with its camera, either still or video.

It lacks a sign saying, “This side up.” Or “Top.” Or anything resembling that. Of course, the iPhone display doesn’t care about those things; it happily flips the picture to be correct no matter what way you turn the phone. What it doesn’t do is flip the recording. Why bother? After all, if I play it back, iPhone flips it right side up, right? But what if I’m downloading the video? It remains un-flipped.

Seeing as I don’t have any desire to hang upside down to watch them on my monitor, does anyone know a way to flip/rotate the video and re-record it? Preferably a free program, or at least low cost?

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Update: Well, isn’t that a kick. It works fine…. if you’re viewing it in Quicktime. Not so much in a MS-based viewer. Funny, that….

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2 Responses to iPhone has a Flaw

  1. Personally I would use Adobe Photoworks Elements. That’s hardly free but it’s installed on my computer and could do the job without much trouble. Doubtless there are a number of free Linux programs that could handle it, though probably with a lot of command-line hacking.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Damn. Well, thanks, but I’m no Linux wizard.

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