Dance, Dance, Dancing Machine

Why no, I don’t think fans are getting completely obsessed with a show that hasn’t even been officially translated and marketed in Region 1. By the way, I should be downloading ep. 8 tonight.

Comment by wontaek | 2006/04/21 at 04:58:07
revised forcast. Over/under for the date when someone starts the Church of Haruhi: May 1st.

It was over.

Edit: thanks to YouTube, here’s the show’s, ah, energetic ending, with translations. Whomever recorded this has the same aspect problems I once did, so it’s distorted.

Update: Ok, now I’ve watched the episode, and even if it’s not as insanely funny as many of the others — Kyon’s sarcasm is definately lacking here — the series continues to intrigue because of all the mysteries. What happened in the cave? Did Haruhi make a change? And what’s with the mole on Kyon’s neck? I dont’ believe that’s just a red herring. Of course, with this bunch, you never know. And when is that talking cat from the first episode going to show up? From what I’m reading on the web, the studio only committed to 14 episodes. I don’t think they expected it to be such a runaway hit in the otakusphere.

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