HOI 3: The Bolshevik Crusade, Part 2

In which we return to bizarro world and report on the last three months of geopolitical / military happenings.

First article (prologue) here.
Second article (history) here.


This area has seen the most radical change within the last quarter, mostly for the better. As we predicted, the unholy alliance between Albania, Yunnan, France, Bolivia, Iceland, Ethiopia, and Italy has fallen prey to our forces. The Emperor’s wisdom in adding Switzerland, Korea and Haiti to our alliance in the prior quarter left our enemies over-matched and surrounded. Bolivia and France were over-committed to Albania’s and Ethiopia's defenses. The Swiss swiftly overwhelmed the Bolivians with help from Latvia, Israel and the UK. Our seizure of northern Taiwan in order to attack Italy was wildly successful; they can now claim only the island of Borneo and some minor possessions as their own.

Map 2: Note the control of the Philippine archipelago. Syria is not quite free at this time but Japan has financed revolts -- that declared their alliegence to the UK?

As we suspected, the collapse of so many allies fatally weakened the Ethiopians, allowing us to end the stalemate and seize the rest of the Korean peninsula, except for the part belonging to Latvia, to which it returned. In this struggle, the Navy was gloriously effective, preventing Yunnan, Iceland, and Italy from withdrawing any of their troops for their own defense. We annihilated many divisions as a result; details follow in their own sections. Our allies from Latvia and Switzerland also played supporting parts and we should express the Comrade Emperor’s satisfaction with their efforts.

Regrettably, the Syrians felt the British were somehow responsible for all the efforts we expended on their behalf, and so the partisans we armed and trained treacherously turned their backs on us. For this, they were rewarded with a restoration of their government, rather than having their revolution supervised by the Comrade Emperor’s commissars. Worse, the core areas of Albania surrendered to the Hatian armies, instead of our rapidly advancing forces. We will not forget or forgive these slights. The people of our former ally Luxemburg were not so foolish as the Syrians, and joyously welcomed their inclusion into the Emperor's Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

In light of these reverses to the Allied cause, the addition of Greece and South Africa to their alliance can only be seen as acts of desperation. France and Yunnan are on their last legs, and will fall to our allies very soon. We can only turn our attention these new threats after the old ones are dealt with. Regrettably, our allies will likely control vast and rich territories unless we act. We will need to move quickly to bring enlightenment to our proper sphere of control.

The Netherlands remains neutral at this time, but is apparently in contact with Mexico. Perhaps Senor Hitler is not so diplomatically inept as we have thought. The intelligence and diplomatic sections will continue to monitor this situation.

Elsewhere, in Western Europe, the defeat of Canada (Italian peninsula) has been the sole good news. The war continues to be a stalemate, with Colombia sliding further into the Allies camp, as well as Belgium. In Asia Minor, the UK and Republican Spain defeated Peru and Manchuko, but have not proceeded to seize the Dardanelles from Cuba. Peculiarly, Cuba is currently co-belligerent against other Comintern members, but not its neighbors. It shows no sign of joining either enemy alliance. This is evidently due to our diplomatic efforts, yet still they refuse to make peace, despite being too remote to effectively war against their declared enemies. The UK, Republican Spain, and Soviet Union all have chosen to ignore "the Cuban question." This impasse shows no sign of breaking.

Map 3: Europe as we don't know it....

One of the reasons the European powers have ignored the need to seize control of the Dardanelles is the defeat of Vichy France by Ecuador. The Ecuadorans are currently unallied, though they are negotiating with Uruguay. They now have control all of northern Africa, and so far have forced their way into the Sinai. Czechoslovakia and Republican Spain are retreating in disorder, but a massive train of divisions is making the trek from southern Asia across the Indian subcontinent to reinforce this front. This should bring the UK troops closer to their home, which is a good thing, as the UK home front is largely undefended. We have been pressing their neighbor Colombia to remain neutral so far, with much success, but Uruguay is determined to persuade them otherwise.

Although the fate of our communist brethren appears cloudy, particularly if Colombia joins the Allies, We remind you, Comrade President, that we have too much to accomplish with in our sphere to be sending assistance to such incompetent allies. Better they learn to tie their own kimonos than continue to meddle in our affairs, as in Syria.

A final diplomatic note: the New Zealand Foreign Minister wishes to express their fondest wishes for the Comrade Emperor on his birthday, and thank him again for his kind assistance in defending the Panama Canal from Egypt.

Map 4:The diplomatic screen. On the right is, the alignment triangle showing all nations without a faction at this point, and where they stand between Comintern, National Socialism, and Democracy. You can encourage movement by directly negotiating, trading, or acting belligerently. Occasional random events occur too.

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