Still Setting Up

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m still in setup mode (as should be obvious by the fact that the header pic is still Houblog’s). I have just finished transferring everyone’s registrations over to Mahou, so if you ever registered at Houblog, your same username and password should work here. I’m not going to guarantee that, since this is a different version of Word Press and it may handle the hash differently. If you can’t log in, use the lost password feature to retrieve/change it.

Hopefully, I didn’t screw up anyone’s email address, although I had to update one, and managed to dump 20 of them into the wrong field before I noticed the order of the VALUEs in the insert statements was wrong. That happened because the users’ table was changed, with different field names, arranged in a different order. It made editing the SQL dump from Houblog a pain in the ass. For the sake of my sanity, I edited most of the records down to the same ten fields. As a result, many registrants may find that some non-critical data is missing, such as their personal bios, real names, and website links.

My next task is going to be to do something about the header, and then I’m going to settle out how I want my screencaps directory to be structured. Then I can start moving posts from Houblog, and altering all the links to match the new directory structure. That should be enough to drive me crazy for about two weeks…

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2 Responses to Still Setting Up

  1. Dr.Heinous says:

    The registration does seem to work…

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Cool. I hoped so, as much work as it was to transfer everyone.

    48 registrants. Ten fields each. Ow.

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