Oh, Pete….

Since Steven closed that thread, let me set the record straight here. You misunderstand. Why the hell would I move files from my laptop directly to the SERVER?

Ok, let me break it down for you.

Win XP desktop. NT 4.0 server. Win 7 laptop. Do work at home or on the road (really, in a meeting) on the laptop. Transfer to desktop to continue when I’m back in my office. Oh wait. I can’t do that except by email or USB stick because the Win 7 won’t log in to our network because the server is NT 4.0. And if the file happens to be a very large Excel spreadsheet, our email server (always having issues) might not pass it along very quickly.

I expected someone to tell me “Of course Win 7 logs into NT4.0. Baka!” I didn’t expect aspersions or insinuation that I was making it up.

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