Geaux Saints

As some of you may recall, I am a big New Orleans Saints fan. A couple of years ago, Wonderduck and I put our front pages on the line when his Bears met my Saints in the NFC championship. Sadly, he won that match.

But seven weeks into this season, the New Orleans Saints don’t look like they’re going to let ANYTHING stop them this year. Ok, there’s still a bunch of weeks left in the season, and anything can happen… but seriously OUCH on the Dolphins today. I didn’t get to watch the whole thing (if the Cowgirls are playing up in Dallas, they’ll be on TV here), but I caught the tail end of it. I’d heard the score; that they were behind 24-3 just before the half, and thought “damn, I guess they’re having a bad week; probably got full of themselves after the Giants.” Then I saw they scored just before the half. “Cool. Maybe they can make a game out of it.”

Did they EVER. The final score? NO 46 MIA 34. After just ten more points allowed in the third, the Saints D just shut Miami down. Worse, as Miami tried to recoup, they started making mental mistakes, just wilting under the pressure: Fumbling out of bounds to stop the clock (Illegal forward pass, loss of down), an interception, illegal motion penalties, and the capper: with Miami at first and goal, and managing to stop the clock with one second left, time then expired due to a penalty!

The only sad note is that mother is no longer around to see it; she was as big and excitable a Saints fan as there ever was, and we never had the money to take her to a game in the Superdome until she was too old to make the trip.

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