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Back when Sekirei came out, I noted that it seemed to have an unusual amount of plot for a fanservice vehicle; that it was delivering what Goyshusho-sama Ninimiya-kun did not in that area. Well, since Season 2 of the animé will be coming up soon, I decided to read through the manga, to see if I could pick up anything more. Um, being bored enough to go look it up helped…. For my troubles, I got two small surprises.

First, the manga is much more ecchi than the TV version, though I don’t know if it is more than the DVD version. I have to wonder, after reading: “I want to f*ck him so bad.” followed by ‘TL Note: Yes. she really says that.’ That was Kazehana, #03, who was the drunk one always wandering around with the giant bottle of sake.

Second, they actually stuck pretty close to the manga; almost panel-for-shot. The only five things I have truly identified as different are:

  • that there was a bit more emphasis on Minato’s sister and her sekirei in the manga. They’re seriously bad-ass, which I didn’t expect. They become known as “The devil and the demon” because she usually goes and beats the crap out of the other ashakabi while #107 puts the hammer down on the opposing Sekirei. His power is “decay” (the opposite of Ku-chan), which makes him pretty much invulnerable to 1 on 1 ranged attacks or armed melee attacks.
  • As an ashikabi, Minato was given an MBI credit card with effectively no limit. The Sekirei each also have one, so that’s how they survived until their winging. However, the landlady (Miya) notes that it’s the only card she doesn’t accept, so Minato has to pay the rent in cash. Just how he’s paying for multiple rooms on that tiny part-time salary and his half-allowance, I don’t know. (Remember, the landlady forced the girls into different rooms — effectively increasing her income and his costs, if they’re paying rent.)
  • There were a few details different in the final fight on the bridge. There’s no kill-sat in orbit, plus Uzume and the Black Sekirei weren’t there in the manga. Kazehana was, and she became Minato’s #5 during the battle instead of the next day, as the animé hinted.
  • Some details about the landlady were left out.
  • The aftermath of the bridge fight was completely different, with some major implications for the backstory.

Major spoiler, post-bridge fight: Show ▼

I haven’t finished all the manga online yet; I have about 14 chapters to go, but I’m having to wonder if the second season isn’t going to have a problem with overrunning the manga badly, even with only 11-12 episodes. I’m not seeing a point coming up where they can cut off cleanly, though it’s possible I haven’t found it yet.

A final observation that I pulled up from the spoiler below: FYI, it’s apparently canon that Musubi’s are the largest, #09 Tsukiumi (tsundere-chan) is just behind her, and either Kazehana or Mutsu (#05, the computer geek) are barely in third. Hey, these things are important.

Now I’m going to finish with a lengthy, major future plot spoiler discussion. RSS readers, bail out now.: Show ▼

All in all, it looks like a opportunity for a lot more fanservice and a little more plot. Given what this season’s looking like, I’ll take it.

Edited to make some identities clearer.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that Musubi is #1. She’s a full 1.0 Rushuna and I wouldn’t like to think there were any other Sekireis which were even bigger.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    No, you misunderstood (I’ll check the text) Show ▼

    Edit: It looked like it was clear, but I added Miya’s name and changed a bit to make sure.

    2nd edit: No, I misunderstood you. Duh. You’re talking about size, I was talking about power. Show ▼

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