Negima: Spec-ity Speculation of Doom!

Some thoughts about the manga, but it involves MAJOR spoilers, so it’s below the fold and behind tags. RSS does not recognize the spoiler tags so STOP READING NOW if you don’t want to see this!!!

Negi is not an only child, which we know from the outset. There are two characters he leaves behind in Wales, and they often appear in letters, flashbacks, and later on, in the main story. One is his older sister Nekane, and the other is his childhood friend and a major tsundere, Anya. Now remember, Nagi, Negi’s father, is missing, and has been for ten years, except for a mysterious incident six years ago…

Ne-san should be able to answer some questions about Nagi, since she’s older, right? Yet while she’s around, she seems oddly uninvolved in the plot. Isn’t it odd that she does not accompany her younger brother to the Magic World to find clues about their father?

Item: We know that there are age-disguising potions/pills, able to add about +/- 50% to apparent age.
Item: People from the Magic World age slower.
Item: Negi’s mother, recently revealed to be Princess, later the Queen of the old kingdom in the Magic World, was framed, tried, convicted, and executed for engineering the Great War. Said execution happened 18 years ago. Obviously not the case, given that Negi’s 10, eh? And certain folks would be horribly embarrassed if she ever turned up again, wouldn’t they? In fact, G.G Kurt Godel reveals in the latest issue (at present) that very senate of which he is a part ordered the attack on Negi’s village. This would be the same government that claims to have executed his mother. Could the whole attack have been a plan to kill Negi and finish off the dynasty? Seems like overkill for one 4-year-old kid, doesn’t it?

Conclusion: Double super spoiler spec; read at your own risk. Dollars to donuts, Negi’s older sister is actually his mother, in disguise and hiding on Earth. Related: The attack six years ago was because Godel & co. discovered her whereabouts and decided to “tidy up” that loose end. After that, the Gate Authority realized the golems and combat force had to have originated in their world, and instituted greater security, thwarting further attempts. Best explanation I can devise to account for there being no other attack, since it’s no secret that she survived.

And avoid this spoiler if you’re reading and haven’t gotten into the Magic World yet You were warned….. It’s canon by now that Asuna is the younger sister of Negi’s mother, making her Negi’s aunt — which is why she resembled Negi’s mother, triggering his tendency to crawl into her bed. Since she ages slower, that’s how she could be a small child 20 years ago and still be “only 15” now. In fact, Evangeline remarks that only the last two years of her memories are real, IIRC. If I’m right, I have to wonder if Nekane carefully avoided Asuna during the night at the inn. Not only would it have blown her disguise to touch Asuna, she couldn’t risk her proximity triggering any resurgence of Asuna’s memory. I’m also curious how they pulled that memory wipe, since magic doesn’t work on her? From what we know, drugs can help, but they’re only an additive. And did Fate Avernicus succeed in restoring her memory–how could he if magic doesn’t work on her? Lately, they’ve acted like her anti-magic property is a part of her sword, but it obviously wasn’t to start…

Refrigerator Moment:Since the Asuna that’s currently with the party is an undetectable fake, but the real Asuna is almost certainly in range of the telepathy and summons aspects of the cards, what would happen if Negi tried to use his card for either?

An off the wall speculation, based on the first:
Item: Anya graduated from the mage academy at the same time Negi did.
Item: Nobody seems to care how remarkable it is for an 11-year old to graduate, even though she’s only a year older than Negi. Isn’t that strange?
Item: Doesn’t she seem kind of powerful herself, lobbing fireballs and such? She’s not on a par with most of Negi’s combat-oriented partners, but still, how’d she get that good at age 11?
Conclusion: Could it be…that Anya is Negi’s real sister? No idea why she’d be fostered out though.

And one “I don’t know if he thought of this or not but” Since Negi’s mother has been established as a Magis Mundian, that means Negi is half-Mundian. So he should be aging somewhat slower also…is he really 10? I guess he’d know if he weren’t though…

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  1. Regarding Asuna: [spoiler]If she’s totally magic-immune, then Negi’s pactio with her would have failed.[/spoiler]

  2. Regarding your speculation about Anya, I suddenly had a flash: “He was our final hope.” “No, there is another.”

    Naah, couldn’t be…

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Heh. She’s gonna have to get her game on to catch up then. Oh, and good point about Asuna. Nodoka’s healing, likewise. I guess its a conditional — it only works when the author wants it to.

  4. Or when Asuna wants it to. Interesting thought, isn’t it?

  5. Ubu Roi says:

    Spoiler The fake (who thinks she’s actually Asuna when under the effects of the spell) noted that she/Asuna doesn’t even understand how it works. Which makes me suspect that it’s partly conscious. But given Negi’s use of her sword during the tourney, she can imbue the ability into her artifact — or it automatically happens anyway. Now that’s where it gets interesting…. the fake Asuna couldn’t stop Godel’s spell with her sword, but Negi could in the battle with Rakan — which suggests that Fake Asuna likewise summons a fake sword, and Negi summoned the real sword from the imprisoned Real Asuna.

    And another thing that’s bothering me (spoiler) They know that two badge signals have been received from inside the ruins of fallen Ostia. They’ve deduced that Anya must be one of them, and I think they assumed Yue was the other. Why hasn’t anyone counted badges and realized they’re over by one girl, now that Yue has turned up? Possible answer: Yue only turned up a few hours ago in story time and they’ve been running from crisis to challenge to crisis thanks to Godel. Of course this doesn’t explain why Chachamaru didn’t spot Yue’s badge after she returned to Ostia, but before they found the two badges in the ruins. I’ll need to check the timing to be sure. Even if it’s an activated search function, she should have done it once or twice, if she had time.

    All in all, these are minor complaints that can be explained away; nothing like the major logic flaws inherent in the second season.

  6. Owen S says:

    Dear Lord I accidentally the whole post. Trying to forget. Hope I do. D’oh.

  7. Ubu Roi says:

    Sigh. Well, I TRIED to warn you!

  8. Owen S says:

    No problem. It’s a habit of skimming feeds, reading too fast… when I come to your blog next time I’ll know that reading slowly is preferred here. 😛 That was a lesson learned, and I think I forgot most of it already.

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