Negima: Spec-ity Speculation of Doom!

Some thoughts about the manga, but it involves MAJOR spoilers, so it’s below the fold and behind tags. RSS does not recognize the spoiler tags so STOP READING NOW if you don’t want to see this!!!

Negi is not an only child, which we know from the outset. There are two characters he leaves behind in Wales, and they often appear in letters, flashbacks, and later on, in the main story. One is his older sister Nekane, and the other is his childhood friend and a major tsundere, Anya. Now remember, Nagi, Negi’s father, is missing, and has been for ten years, except for a mysterious incident six years ago…

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Conclusion: Double super spoiler spec; read at your own risk. Show ▼

And avoid this spoiler if you’re reading and haven’t gotten into the Magic World yet Show ▼

Refrigerator Moment:Show ▼

An off the wall speculation, based on the first:
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And one “I don’t know if he thought of this or not but” Show ▼

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8 Responses to Negima: Spec-ity Speculation of Doom!

  1. Regarding Asuna: Show ▼

  2. Regarding your speculation about Anya, I suddenly had a flash: “He was our final hope.” “No, there is another.”

    Naah, couldn’t be…

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Heh. She’s gonna have to get her game on to catch up then. Oh, and good point about Asuna. Show ▼

    I guess its a conditional — it only works when the author wants it to.

  4. Or when Asuna wants it to. Interesting thought, isn’t it?

  5. Ubu Roi says:

    Spoiler Show ▼

    And another thing that’s bothering me (spoiler) Show ▼

    All in all, these are minor complaints that can be explained away; nothing like the major logic flaws inherent in the second season.

  6. Owen S says:

    Dear Lord I accidentally the whole post. Trying to forget. Hope I do. D’oh.

  7. Ubu Roi says:

    Sigh. Well, I TRIED to warn you!

  8. Owen S says:

    No problem. It’s a habit of skimming feeds, reading too fast… when I come to your blog next time I’ll know that reading slowly is preferred here. :P That was a lesson learned, and I think I forgot most of it already.

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