Revolutionary Girl Utena

I spent 4 days downloading this? Seriously, does it get better? I was skipping by episode 4, and I think that was way late…

I think I’d delete it, but I need to keep it seeded for my Baka BT ratio, which is pretty bad. Their bonus point system is broken.

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  1. I’ve never seen it, but what I’ve heard is that it’s angst overload.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Pointy chins out the wazoo. That’s what I was afraid of….

    as for BakaBT I don’t know if it’s my DSL or what, but with uploads uncapped, I’m barely getting over 40kbps, and it craters the instant I start downloading. Part of the problem is that I don’t have the same version of many files that they have, even if I have the same program. So I have to download before I upload, meaning I start way behind the 8ball.

    Worse, since I’ve started downloading from them, it’s not been the orphan torrents that have gotten bonus points, but the most recent & popular ones — that had only a single seeder to start. Munto was highly frustrating to me. I already had it, but there was one seed and 100+ leeches by the time I saw it in the list. It had the “b” so I grabbed it on the assumption that even if it weren’t a bonus any more, by the time I got a full file, the later arriving torrents would still be drawing and I’d seed for them, helping my upload in the long run.

    Instead, the torrent dragged out for FOUR DAYS with that one seed, until there were hundreds and hundreds of leechers — and just the one seed. It finally sent the last block out to almost everyone at the same time, which caused the file to go from one seed to four hundred seeds in only a few minutes — which ended the bonus status! And with my terrible upload speed, I have yet to recover. At this rate, I’ll be forced to kill all other uploads and service only BT clients, regardless of where I draw from. Somehow, that doesn’t seem right.

    I got one bonus point, and that was from something else entirely. My share ratio is an abysmal .306 with BakaBT, but in general I keep a share ratio in excess of 2-1 without even trying.

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