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Well, Fudge.

Unfortunately, this was the first I’d heard of it, today. Monty Oum, creator of RWBY, dies of an allergic reaction. Crap.

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Who Invited Al (Jazeera) Gore?

Seriously. Sleet and icing in Houston… in March???

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Yes, I’m Still Alive

Haven’t felt much like blogging, barely into anime for a few weeks there. Now I’m catching up on last season (Nekomonogatari, Railgun) and starting one new show (Arpeggio), while downloading a few others (Freezing Vibration, Maken-Ki OVA) for later. Would … Continue reading

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Still Alive

Out of the hospital for about a week now. Had computer problems, fixed now. Haven’t really been up to blogging anyway. Catching up on anime: Gargantia and Railgun primarily. Turns out that the anesthesiologist’s fuck-up was compounded by the original … Continue reading

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My Take on Frances I

We interrupt this lack of anime posting with a decidedly non-anime subject. This afternoon, I and a coworker watched the announcement of the new Pope. In the run-up to his name being announced, my co-worker was willing to bet money … Continue reading

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OMFG, part deux

It’s back online. NSFW in the extreme! One of these days, I’m going to write an actual article. I need to get caught up discussing Campione! and Ah! My Goddess. And I need to get caught up watching anime… I … Continue reading

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What Truely Sucks?

My last post had nothing to do with what was really on my mind. It was also the first post I ever wrote in part on my iPhone, a distinction that went unnoticed as I was writing from my hospital … Continue reading

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