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I Think I Figured It Out…

What this Momo Kyun Sword show is about, that is….

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Last Season: Two shows

That’s all I watched for the Winter season. Both were holdovers from last season, which says a lot. Strike the Blood: Horror/Harem. Lot’s of cute, competent girls, and a harem center that’s not a useless dweeb, nor an arrogant bastard … Continue reading

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Looking Up For Spring

I’m going to have to start blogging again, I think. I haven’t really sampled much yet, but this season’s already looking a lot better than the last. I’m really hyped about The Irregular at Magic High School. The title stinks … Continue reading

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Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Hm. This is an anime blog, maybe I should write about anime once in a while, right? Well I’m enjoying Arpeggio of Blue Steel. I didn’t think I’d care for anthropomorphic moe WWII IJN ships, but it’s actually intriguing how … Continue reading

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Well, That’s What they Meant by Re-boot

Basically they took the starting point from the end of the first season of Infinite Stratos and OVA… and just started writing their own story based around harem hikinks. There’s some very small bits of the original plot up through … Continue reading

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NewsFlash! This Season Reeks!

So, I actually spent some time watching anime Sunday. I thought last season was bad. I only thought this season looked worse. Dear Kami-sama, what the hell is Japan doing? Samurai Girls 2 (Samurai Bride): I was skipping by ten … Continue reading

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Grrrrrrr. Of Fairy Tail and aggravating glitches

So I was going to reply to this comment over at SDB’s: So I just finished the Laxus arc (ep 48), and what I’m beginning to realize is that the battles in this show are kind of like the ones … Continue reading

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