I’m just not sure what else to say. The current season is so crappy i’m hitting the unwatched pile. So, to start with, Girls Bravo.

The banana scene. Neither words nor stills do it justice. Just…Dayum. No nudity, but consider it NSFW….

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3 Responses to Dayum

  1. Mauser says:

    I don’t think I watched anything last season either. What kind of anime fan am I?


    More like overworked, and distracted by tank and ship games….

    But I appreciate recommendations when I can get them.

    • Ubu Roi says:

      I’m not sure it was a recommendation for the series, but it was quite the scene. The series is a trope-filled mess with little to redeem it, and I haven’t finished S1 yet. Got distracted by some game involving ships…. that don’t look like girls.

      So what kind of anime fan does that make me?

      • Mauser says:

        Heh, I got away from the ships a bit to get back to the tanks.

        And that was more of a plea for any recommendations…. I asked before on my blog but did not receive. It’s that or going back to watching Yamato in Chipmunk mode to find just the right screenshot. (I’m missing one in the collection of crewmembers, and my thesis must not be denied!).

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