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And Back to Ships…

I’m sure someone was really ticked off in this battle. Q: What happens when the enemy goes all in on a pincer move? A: The one destroyer on the enemy team sneaks in and caps. And I mean TOTAL ninja … Continue reading

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I’ve Found the Secret!

To winning at World of Warships.

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Takao is My Waifu!

So, another comment got away from me and became a post… original post by Wonderduck here koupit-pilulky.com , all about World of Warships. Regarding paper ships, if you follow some of the Developer pieces, they talk about how the game … Continue reading

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What’s Up Doc?

So it’s been a while, and I thought I’d catch up while I’m at home today. Had a dental appointment yesterday afternoon, and even though it was just cleaning and a filling, I don’t do well in the chair. It’s … Continue reading

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Pictures, or It Didn’t Happen

Here you go. It’s my precious apoteketreceptfritt.com , and I want’s it! Those damn, sneaky Russians keep finding ways to part me from my money. Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet; I talked to HellishYoda and he said that yes, he … Continue reading

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We Have Met the Enemy, and… he’s a duck?

The April Fool’s joke to end them all… because it’s not a joke. Wargaming.net actually did this: Toy ships in a big tub. They call this “Jacuzzi Mode.” FYI apoteketreceptfritt.com , for reals, I’m up to Tier V American ships … Continue reading

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