And Back to Ships…

I’m sure someone was really ticked off in this battle.

Q: What happens when the enemy goes all in on a pincer move?
A: The one destroyer on the enemy team sneaks in and caps.

Notice the 0 damage?

I did not fire a single shot. It was a total ninja job.

And I got first for it. Ha!

And I mean TOTAL ninja job. I was never even spotted the entire game. I started by hooking across from the NW to the center

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, dropped smoke in F7 to cover the fleet, and then realized I hadn’t seen anything in the center. I deliberately skirted the edge of the cap zone to give the enemy fleet time to over-commit, then waltzed in, dropped smoke in the center and circled behind it. One BB blind-fired and missed–and kept going the other way(!), while another tried to race back under heavy fire and died.

Nice way to finish my night.

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3 Responses to And Back to Ships…

  1. David says:

    That kind of battle actually annoys lots of people, especially at high tier. If that was your “first win of the day” bonus for that ship, you just wasted the bonus on a low scoring match. And you can also end up losing credits, since you don’t earn enough to replace your consumables, camouflage, etc. I’ve actually seen a team throw torpedoes into the cap to force their own ninja to exit the cap and let the battle proceed normally.

    One of my best Yugomo battles ever, I snuck around, started capping the enemy base, but then I moved through and exploited the chaos of half their ships coming back to defend for tons of damage. I did over 200k damage in that match, getting liquidator, witherer, high caliber, and kraken..

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    As you can see, I was in my Izyaslav. (I dunno, he’s Russian, so probably!) Right now, I have little sympathy for “Unconditional Victory Whiners.”

    Two reasons:
    1. Introduction of British BB’s has brought a lot of people (back) into the game who don’t have a clue. I’ve seen more losses because a team didn’t coordinate, didn’t try to take the cap zones, and didn’t show any awareness of the tactical situation. Lots of seal clubbings right now; one team or the other wins big. Get the victory and get out because your team may suck.

    2. More of #1 really. I was in a scenario last night (raid the enemy base), which we LOST–because literally 2/3 of the players ignored the order to retreat in order to keep fighting. We accomplished the primary mission with 0 casualties — but only my carrier and a single BB tried to make it to the exit point, and got overwhelmed. The rest went the other way. Pay attention to victory conditions!

  3. David says:

    Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed that the quality of play is down this week. I’m taking a bit of a break from the game, for that reason and because I have guests in town.

    I also understand the “screw maxing my points, go for the win” mentality, I do it myself when warranted, especially in low tier.

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