I’ve Found the Secret!

To winning at World of Warships.

Rank 10! My goal for this season was Rank 12, which I made almost a week ago.


I was going to say my teams carried me, but you know, maybe they didnt.

Sadly, the Sink 4 Ships task from the missions tab didn't count in Ranked.

Nice stats... wish I could do that all the time.

The secret? Play the same damn ship. Every. Time. Ranked battles are all Tier VI until you reach the top rank, so I sat down beforehand and decided on one ship to play. It had to be the New Mexico, as I was most familiar with the US BBs. It’s got a very nice broadside of 12 guns, which lack a little in the accuracy department, but the AA is well above average. Range is a bit shorter than some others, but since you’re not going to alpha strike (successfully) at 20 km, so what? It is slow, but folks don’t run away from cap zones in Ranked. At least not and advance… The scout plane helps, but even better, just before the season, I got an upgrade in a supercontainer to extend the plane’s flight time by 30%.

After watching a video on how to configure your NM for Ranked, I promptly threw out the advice and ran with my own. AA config? When more than half the battles don’t have carriers? Nuts.

Kewl stuffs.

  • Spotting Aircraft Mod 1 – +30% flight time for spotter planes. (usual choices either protect the main guns, or cycle the damage control quicker for putting out fires)
  • Artillery Plotting Room Mod 1- Bonus to range, less dispersion (common choice)
  • Damage Control Mod 1 – reduces chances of fires and flooding (common choice)
  • Propulsion Mod 2 – faster starts (usual choices make the rudder work quicker or shortens fire/floods)

The first and fourth selections are a bit unusual. Of course the first one isn’t normally available; it’s a “loot drop” only. Basically, I have the assistance of the spotter plane for about 2 more salvos per use, which extends my range and gives me a better POV for triangulating shots. While the second and third aren’t universal, I think they’re the “safe” choices. The fourth is a bit unusual, especially on a New Mexico, which is slow (like all US BBs are until Tier 8). And that’s the point — nobody expects a NM to be quick off the mark, and my style emphasizes rapid changes in speed and heading. People don’t expect a battleship to play peekaboo.

Granted, it usually causes me to have a lower damage output at the beginning, but IF my teammates get the advantage or at least hold even, I’m fresh at the end and putting the hurt on already damaged CAs and BB’s that are fighting with one hand tied behind their back. Not to mention some players get frustrated and play stupid, like the Budyony that charged out and tried to torp me… from 1.5 kim, while I had a half-salvo loaded and ready. That’s another trick I use. I don’t always fire a full salvo if the situation doesn’t call for it. By staggering my fore and aft salvos by ten or 15 seconds, I can engage two targets or throw players off: “Oh he just fired, I’ve got 30 seconds before he can fire again!” Probably what did the Budy in; the front guns were reloading after a shot at a DD, and he didn’t realize I was backing into a turn to bring the rear guns to bear.

Speaking of DD’s, that’s another nice thing about the NM. With 12 guns, it’s not uncommon to erase a DD that gets too close. I struggle to do that in any cruiser, but the New Mex doesn’t even care if it’s got AP loaded.

To be honest, I have played a Cleveland or DeGrasse a couple of battles, but only if the NM is still in battle. They weren’t smashing successes, and my one outing in a Leander is better left unmentioned. Still, I’ve made it to Rank 10 — these screenshots are actually from my second time reaching it. The first time


, I jumped into another game and…

No, I didn’t suck. One of my teammates did, deliberately. Our CV player ran off, hid, launched no planes until the final minute of the battle, and pretended he didn’t speak English. When someone bilingual called him on his bullshit, he then claimed to be offended by our “racism”, spewed anti-US bullshit, and continued to run away. As I put it to him, “yeah, we carry a big stick and hit people. So what? You expect better from China or Russia?” See, I’m fairly sure he was either US or Canadian himself; his Spanish was faulty (“no hablas espanol engleas” should have been “no hablo espanol ingles” and he didn’t have the Latin font to render the tilde over the n – or accent over the e). That and his response was “I shoot them and use them for fertilizer.”

Like a little prick who sabotages teams in computer games is brave enough to do that. I guess, given a few hundred more brave souls to help, he might set fire to a trash can on campus to protest insufficient respect for his safe space and woke friends.

Enh, so I’m going to go play more. Or nap.

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