So, Another Sighting of Ubu

Been kind of quiet lately. Going through some things I don’t want to talk about. Getting ready to retire at the end of the year

, after 31 years with the City of Houston. It was just getting to be a drag.

So I got bored enough to decide to write an article on all the crappy books I’ve been reading, which I may do shortly (or not, I dunno), and decided to check up on the blog. Nearly 200 spam to be deleted, yay. WordPress needs updating (a lot). At least I’m on an independent platform, that isn’t likely to defenestrate me for liking anime, having a name like Oppai Pantsu, or voting for Trump. Maybe I should take up safe and supported activities like burning down businesses, stealing elections, imprisoning everyone in their homes, and groping women.

Oh well… Western Civilization and rule of law were nice while we had them. Wonder what the reprehensibles thought about the state of the Roman Empire around 400 AD?

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