Yes, I survived the WuFlu

Like fuck I’m going to call it “Covid-19” to keep the PRC happy. Personally I think we should recognize Taiwan just to piss them off. Do it one day before the election so there’s no time for the media to come up with a narrative.


, anime. Watching Tower of God. It’s kicking ass, but the webcomic readers keep dropping spoilers about hating Rachel. It better be renewed for a second season. And a third and a fourth….

Tried to watch Black Clover again. Last time I gave it three episodes and out. This time I pushed through to Asta joining the Black Bulls

, and his initiation. And I’m still not into it. Narutard with grimoires. I just can’t stand that type of loud-mouthed protagonist. I’d rather it was following the other guy.

Looking for something else to pass the time.

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