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We Hates It

Re-installing games and software. Due to a series of glitches and screwups fixing the glitches, I’m currently reinstalling all my games. After reinstalling Windows. Multiple times…. Stressing me out and pissing me off. First world problems, eh? Still got one … Continue reading

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Well this sucks… [updated]

I’m stuck somewhere with (only) wifi/iPhone access until tomorrow. And CR’s iPhone app is glitching, so I can’t watch Moretsu Space Pirates. Grrrrrr. Well, I finally deleted CR’s iPhone app and reloaded it, which solved the problem — mostly. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Weather Prediction

Update: Don explains my mistake in the comments. Is not enhanced by contradiction. Over on Chizumatic, there’s a multi-post discussion going on wherein NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center sounded the alarm for a day of massive tornadoes across the Plains and … Continue reading

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Question for Discussion

So I was over at Steven’s place as usual, and saw a link to an interesting app/device that Google’s working on to (in effect) combine eyeglassess and their search engine. So, my question is this… Has Google become the Bell … Continue reading

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Could Something Just NOT Go Wrong For Once?

I mean, seriously, dammit. So I decided that the easiest solution was to just say the hell with Win 7. Between the bad memory causing Hearts of Iron 3 to crash constantly and not being able to see Misaki necessitating … Continue reading

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Merry Xmas to You Too

Well, since it’s not unusual for me to not post around here for four to five days at a time (or longer) I doubt anyone’s been worried about my absence, especially with the holiday season. And there’s no reason for … Continue reading

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Now That’s What You Call A “Point Failure”

It’s already over with by the time I noticed but this couldn’t have been good: Research In Motion (RIM), the company that owns Blackberry, has experienced a worldwide infrastructure problem. RIM identified a core switch failure and noted that their … Continue reading

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