Well this sucks… [updated]

I’m stuck somewhere with (only) wifi/iPhone access until tomorrow. And CR’s iPhone app is glitching, so I can’t watch Moretsu Space Pirates. Grrrrrr.

Well, I finally deleted CR’s iPhone app and reloaded it, which solved the problem — mostly. Unfortunately the download glitched, and the last few moments would only repeat the beginning of the episode. It was the right length, but it would only play the beginning again, not the end. What point did it glitch at? The absolute worst possible, of course. Misa fires her gun, and Luca’s eye goes wide in shock. Thats it. That’s exactly where it restarted. ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! [vader]NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO![/vader] Now you tell me that was an accident, and I will tell you that you haven’t seen the episode. That had to be malice aforethought from my iPhone. Damn thing is possessed!

So I figured I was stuck for another two hours, and decided to go read about it at Chizumatic Lo and behold, as spoiler-laden as the episode itself was (by definition, duh), the missing four minutes of show/preview had even bigger surprises. And hey, any scene with Blaster Ririka in it can’t be bad, so it was nice to finally watch it. (It downloaded properly the second time).

I do want to make one note about the first of the surprises after the glitch: I’d noticed something odd about Luca a while back — after the forced hospitalization, she never did her mystic-gazing-in-the-crystal-ball thing again. I was wondering where it went, but I put it down to the writers getting bored with it. Silly me, I should have known better.

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2 Responses to Well this sucks… [updated]

  1. jgreely says:

    It was exactly that sort of small detail last week that had me giggling in anticipation for the reveal of the blonde babe’s identity. I found myself thinking “you know, that’s the third or fourth time in the series that there’s been a quick shot hinting at her curves; wait a minute…”

    And, yes, Crunchyroll’s iOS client is terrible. The Android version is much more stable on my tablet; the only real problem there is that it will crash if you try to jump to another place in the video without pausing first.


  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Her reaction to the suggestion she dress that way more often was hilarious in it’s brevity. “Hell, no!”

    Where I really got faked out was when she spoke. Her voice was so different, I thought, “Ha! What a fake out, it was really Misa with a long wig.” Then she’s back on the Bentenmaru, looking like that and talking in Coorie’s voice. Now that was a moment of cognitive dissonance.

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