Not doing much anime-related, except continuing the GXP discussion with Steven here. Chatted a bit with Dr. Heinous. Seems he’s gotten into the Crunchyroll thing — after he finished Last Exile, he watched Tower of Druaga (1st and 2nd series to date), and Kurrogane no Linebarrels.

Surprisingly, he likes the latter, although he admits the first three episodes are pretty rough sledding, given that the hero isn’t very sympathetic at that point. I recently watched parts of episode 15, and agree that it does appear to get better — and the girl who showed up with the mecha does provide a bit of fanservice. That’s definitely in short supply in Asu no Yoichi, where the fanservice was so tame as to be unnotable. (Or I fast-forwarded through it without noticing. Same thing.) The Girl Who Lept Through Space can be described in two words: “Frentic. Confusion.” It’s looking an awful lot like Druaga will be the only series I follow this season, unless new episodes of Eve no Jikan are produced.

Edit: Kurokami! Forgot that one. Definitely following it…

And in recognition of the newer marketing model of Crunchyroll and Bost, I’ve added “Webcast Review” to my categories.

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