No Deposit, No Refunds? (or, Recycled Plots)

Or Steel Angel Krummy?

I watched Akikan ep. 2 last night, due to a severe lack of other things to do. Or rather, lack of desire to do the things I needed to.

Anyway, I’d like a refund of the brain cells I killed by watching that.

Homo-guy showed up again — the government official who has some interest in the “can girls,” and this time he stays long enough to explain what it is. He’s from the Bureau of Standards, and he wants …

…the girls to engage in a trial by combat….

(wait for it)


…in order to decide whether all future cans should be made of steel or aluminum. Because its inefficient to make some from each.

(Just reading that premise should kill at least ten brain cells. My condolences.)

Goddamn, are the manga-ka’s not even trying any more? I mean, if you’re going to steal from Sekirei, couldn’t the artist learn to draw girls at least as well developed? Melon’s a DFC stick-figure. And I don’t happen to think FC is D.

Well, in a close-up, she’s not, but that’s the only time. See the 3rd and 4th pics below.

At least Kakeru (the main guy) is slightly different. Um, that is, if you think making Ataru from Urasei Yatsuri into a high-school guy is different. Except there is one change: a few years ago, he did something very heroic, if hard to believe. Masked gunmen broke into the school and took Najimi (his rich & cute classmate) hostage; somehow he managed to get one of their guns and shoot them. (Ep. 2 starts with a nightmare that he has, replaying the incident.) As a result of the incident, he had a lot of trouble in that school later, and so he transferred. I don’t think it’s chance that he transferred to a school that her father has a lot of influence over, and that she is also there. It’s obvious (to everyone but him of course) that she has a crush on him, big-time. Of course there’s a creepy lesbian stalker chick who’s crushing on her — Yurika, the self-professed witch, who throws cards the way others might throw knives, and with similar effect.

Next week, we get a new girl, Grape(?), the loli. Going to be a major character, I guess, since she’s very prominent in the ED. This season is just bad enough that I might watch it…

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