I Think It Would Work If . . .

Steven Den Beste slips up again and for the second time in a month, posts a semi-serious subject on Chizumatic. (Blogging is an addiction, isn’t it? Looks like someone’s slipping off the wagon.) Although this post is scientific, rather than political, it’s still an interesting look at why flywheels aren’t so great for energy storage after all.

Even though he said not to nitpick with “it would work if we tried. . .” suggestions, I just can’t resist. You see, I think it just might work– really! We simply need to use scrith for the bearings and flywheel. Nothing like a material that’s more frictionless than teflon and stronger than carbon nanotubes.

(Not to mention entirely fictional. So — in case you’re too humor-impaired to notice, this post is very much tongue-in-cheek.)

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