Kanokon 10, Briefly

Ok, yes, Nozomu finally transforms. Show ▼

Something else happens that confirms what we’ve been suspecting a while… Show ▼

I’d say that there’s at least an outline of a plot ticking away under the silliness, but I’ve been disappointed (read: fooled) too many times before. Show ▼

More likely, the author’s just tossing in crap with no real plan.

Wonder how long until Media Blasters licenses this?

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4 Responses to Kanokon 10, Briefly

  1. I wonder if Kouta is a Coyote?

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    We won’t know until he pulls out a catalog from ACME.

  3. Well, there are only two more episodes, and the next one is a beach episode, so it’s hard to see how this can be wrapped up in any significant way. I bet we get a “And in our next series, if there is one, maybe we’ll tell more of the story” ending.

    Obviously I can’t read Japanese, but I can at least tell what pictures mean. On the Xebec site for the series there are four mangas and 8 light novels in addition to the anime. I doubt the anime finishes the story in just 12 eps.

  4. Heh. I wonder if Kouta is a Tanuki?

    What I bet is that he’s a fox and doesn’t know it.

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