Oh. My. Gawd.

There’s only one way to describe Kanokon after episode 7: Forget ecchi, it’s soft-core porn. What the HELL happened to the broadcast standards? (Not that I’m objecting…)

Remember Kamen no Maid Guy’s opening episode, with Naeka’s bare breasts in the shower scene? Well, you can forget it now. We can honestly say that Chizuru’s are bigger and bouncier. And have heart shaped aureole(s? ae?). Very NSFW and it only gets worse below the fold. Not all of it is under spoiler tags either.
Don’t believe me when when I say it will get worse? Muahahahahahahahaaha.

A typical winter morning in the Kouta household. (Yes, of course he lives alone–it’s a harem comedy!). Freezing cold outside, nice and warm under the blankets, especially with the extra heater curled up around him….

Interesting to note that his initial reaction, before waking up fully, was to keep the hand moving forward. Great Erotic King indead.

“Come check out my slopes.”

“On second thought, just…come.”

“Whoa, who’s putting the chill in my party?”

“Hold this for a minute, would you?” Lines the girls never say to me. 🙁

“Cold again? Oh, so THAT’s who’s throwing a chill on my party! Hello, Kurihana. Did mom send you?”

Now as it happens, the answer was “yes” and mom said “test the boy, and if he’s not worthy, put a stop to this.” Kurihana belongs to the “test to destruction” group, and whips up an epic blizzard that buries the school in minutes. Then she sends in animated snowmen to quash any resistance by the few spirits able to remain active.

Meanwhile, the twins get some character development time; pitching a cardboard tent and cooking up some tasty soup. Said soup consists of edible grass found down by the stream, and some meat that the nice butcher puts in a sack and tosses into the metal can behind his store. There is obviously a story about these two, I have to wonder if we’re going to get it?

But hey, back to the porn. I know my readers, and they know me. After fleeing the snowmen, Kouta, Chizuru, and Nozomou take refuge in an empty room. Kouta’s getting a chill from sweating due to the run. Bear in mind that icicles are forming inside the school by now.

So how are we going to warm poor Kouta up, with him in those sweaty clothes?

Be serious. You have to ask?

“Save me Nozo– uh-oh…”

We so need some baow-chicka baow-wow music going here. Of course the logic of removing your clothes to get warm escapes me, but these girls aren’t thinking rationally. I’m forced to conclude that these two have been in season for several months now. (Yeah, yeah, horny chicks are always in season. Right. Tell me about it, you Great Erotic King, you.)





Dear Ayako Translator, If you don’t know the answer to that question, my compliments on your being bilingual before puberty. Do you live in a two-language home?

The girls decide to play a guessing game. I’m sure the answer was “a starched shirt!” Not. Bear in mind that while she’s asking this, her right arm is in continuous motion. Back, and forth, slowly….

Of course, Kurihana (a.k.a. “Ms. FreezeyurPuppies”) shows up to put a stop to the porn. “Did you know that while you are screwing around here, near literally, I might add, your schoolmates are freezing to death? And it’s your fault!”

“Oh, hahahahaha, eh, I kinda forgot about them… now about that assignment of blame…”

Of course Chizuru finally possessed Kouta and blew Kurihana away. Although she really didn’t look hurt. Now, I’d like to offer a bit of advice: never win a battle that’s going to leave you standing stark naked in front of the entire school.

Two final notes: The real instructions, revealed by Kurihana at the end: “…and if it’s for real, tell her to bring him home.” Apparently the next episode may be about that. But the second item is that Chizuru herself is a bit older than she appears. Like 400 years older.

Geez, how many times did she get held back in school? Must have skipped class a lot, to chase boys.

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9 Responses to Oh. My. Gawd.

  1. Andrew F. says:

    What the HELL happened to the broadcast standards?

    Well, the show airs exclusively on AT-X, which if I understand correctly is a premium satellite channel. They don’t have to worry about broadcast standards any more than HBO and Showtime have to. Hell, they even show it at 10:30 on Saturday mornings.

    “Take off your clothes and those of the affected individual and hold him or her against you” has actually been taught as first aid for hypothermia in the wilderness, the idea being to maximize the heat transferred from the warm body to the cold one. You’re supposed to use a sleeping bag or blanket to keep the heat from escaping, though…

    …what? In a life-threatening situation like this, modesty is the last thing anyone should be worried about, right? Two girls are certain to warm him up faster than one, and it’s only natural that they should try to keep his, um, extremities warm as well… you know, to protect against damage from frostbite! I don’t see anything indecent or untoward going on here… clearly they’re just concerned for his health and well-being.

    I think it would be a great thing if more anime featured such… touching… displays of love and caring.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Ah, if I’d know that about the channel, I might have been less surprised. While the show has been racy, I took it to be “decent fanservice and a lot of dirty talk but no echhi.” I’m seriously going to have to rewrite that article now. Season’s 2/3 over and I haven’t put it up yet.

  3. I thought those were pasties.

    Meanwhile, a couple of the online show delivery services have stopped offering this one.


  4. Ubu Roi says:

    … if episode 8 “crossed the line” I am forced to conclude that the “soft-core” part might have been dropped…it’s just porn now.

    Now did Ayako get a raw to sub?

  5. Has the wolf girl ever transformed so far?

  6. Ubu Roi says:

    Not once, not so much as a tail. In plot terms, I don’t see her as a serious rival; she’s a comic foil to keep Chizuru from succeeding. She’s played like a slightly less autistic (and very jealous) Yuki Nagato.

  7. I wonder if the wolf girl’s transformation will be the final plot arc for the series. Maybe there’s more to it than just growing ears and a tail. Maybe she becomes really powerful and really evil.

    Probably not, though.

  8. Ubu Roi says:

    Well, her brother showed up and attacked in one episode; he did undergo a transformation like Chizuru’s.

    I’m a little puzzled by the alleged plot. The guys who seemed to be the enemy at first are being helpful, and the “threat,” such as it is, has been from spirits showing up to “test their bond.” At this point, I have to conclude that it’s all just put on; there is no real plot or story arc; it’s just “a new challenger appears” or “slice-of-horny-life.”

    You’d think Japanese harem comedy writers don’t actually know how to write or something, so they just substitute sex and violence. (Wait, that’s American TV. )

  9. Ubu Roi says:

    Something else — about that link of Steven’s in the third comment. No way they dropped the show based on episode 8, unless they get nearly 1-week advance copies. There’s no raws of 8 on the web, and ep. 7’s are dated the 21st (Monday); Tenka’s posts are dated the 10th, 17th, etc, which means the 8th episode is due on the 24th: Saturday. This matches Andrew’s comment re: broadcast time. So did he mean ep. 7? If not, good Lord, what does ep. 8 contain? A shot of the back of Chizuru’s head as she, er, “bobs for apples” and Kouta’s eyes cross?

    Makes me wonder what Nozomou would be doing at the same time, since she always matches Chizuru, tat for tits. Er, tits for tat. Um. no, she doesn’t have any to match, but I meant…. oh the hell with it.

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