Correction to the note about Penguin Heart below: I haven’t found subs on the usual lists. I may have missed it because of the name being in Japanese, or just plain overlooking it.

I have found the subs at sites I’m worried about frequenting, because I don’t know their rep:;, I’m always worried about going to sites like that and meeting up with a nice trojan.

Anyone know these guys?

Update: Pete advisies:

The solution to fear is a disposable computer: either a real one, or a virtual machine. Install Fedora there (it comes with SElinux enabled by default), download the .torrent file on a USB key, move it where your Azureus is, enjoy. Keep in mind though, the .torrent file and media files all can be a part of attack vectors. Can you survive the life of constant threat and not go mad?

Well, I decided a while back that the curve on learning Linux probably wasn’t worth it (for me, YMMV). I have taken the opportunity of building out Lyar last year to retire Misaki to bittorrenting duties. That and grabbing screencaps off of ZoomPlayer is all I use it for now. I do grab the direct downloads from Baka-Wolf using Lyar a lot of times, but they are generally a different cup of tea. They host the files themselves; AnimeSuki and most of the aggregators do not.

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3 Responses to References?

  1. Will says:

    Even the “reputable” places are suspect. I picked up something two months ago (smack in the middle of moving wouldn’t you know) at animesuki. It took no small amount of work to clear that up. That’s part of why I haven’t bothered much with this current season, on top of being a pretty tepid lineup to begin with.

  2. Wonderduck says:

    Mininova is okay, near as I can tell. Haven’t had any obvious malware things show up, at least. If’n y’all go to TokyoToshokan and do a search for “Penguin”, voila! Penguin Musume Heart!

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Well, there I go making assumptions. I was thinking if it didn’t say it was dubbed/translated, it was a raw. That seems to have been the case with almost all the manga I have downloaded. Well, I’ll check it out tomorrow. Bedtime for Bonzo right now.

    Oh, and I finally watched Maid Guy 04, and I think its going to have to be the winner. Not for the fanservice, but for the comedy! I can’t describe it, I just cant.

    “Maid Guy X-ray Vision!”

    “Nee-chan, not the sword!”

    And the panty thief from Inukami has met his match. Maid Guy steals them so fast, the girls don’t even notice.

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